Saturday, September 12, 2009

let us be a bluetooth connection.

why don't we turn on our bluetooth and stick together?
don't go too far or else we'll be disconnected

hold each other's hand if necessary
so that we know we won't be seperated and get lost

send me anything you want me to own
share your mind
share your feeling
share anything

my storage will always be available for you
so don't you worry about me getting enough
because i will never

protect our connection with our own "password"
so that nobody will be able to encounter end enter our own realm
so that nobody can destroy our bound
nobody will seperate us and distract us

you have my special place
and you will always be there

so remember to stick with me and don't let your hand slips away from mine
if that happens, i will try to re-connect again and find you no matter how far you go (:

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