Thursday, September 10, 2009

i ain’t happy.. i’m dying inside..
September 27, 2006 ·

i fake my smile everyday juz to keep myself from thinking my own problems
i fake my laugh everyday to show i am okay
i fake my happy face despite show my tears
who says i’m happy??
i’m shattered inside..
cut so deep..
nobody cares!
i’m sick, who cares?
i’m fucked by all my problems, who cares?
i’m cryin, who cares!
i’m all alone..
nobody hears me..
nobody notices me..
noone cares bout my feeling..
all they can do is juz ask, "what happened?"
which i don’t need to hear it..
screw all people!!!
if you don’t care, then i could do the same!!
i have a pride..
i still breathe..
so i am a human..
i have a feeling..
have a brain
have a sensitivity of being hurted..
have a heart which can be broken..
i wanna kill ma self juz like few years ago..
coz it seems like nobody cares wheter i am alive or not..
neither i am hurted nor i am shattered…
i’m tottaly shattered..
and i can see, i can feel that nobody’s here, besides me, even juz to hold my tears from falling down..
i am alone……
don’t dare to say that i’m not alone! coz i know what i feel is true…
i juz wanna hurt my self….

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