Sunday, January 9, 2011

hypotension attack.

oh wow....
i finally got sick...

well actually had felt it since like a week after i started my internship, i got hunch that my body was no longer that strong to hold everything and it was like giving me alarm but i ignored it, i thought it would be better eventually

but no, i was wrong, i always am wrong everytime i ignore my hunch
so better luck next time

so i got fever etc. on 31st of dec 2010 (right imagine i was heading to lembang, bandung with the whole family to gather with the big fam for new year's eve celebration and i got upset stomach on the way there)

i just sat still in car, knowing my body is not okay

reached there i could feel the breeze of the air but my body felt so weird
like, literary weird

i thought of i was gonna be okay
but by the evening i got so queasy and finally throw up


what a great new year's eve, with pukes and fever
with that cold night (supposedly) i felt so warm because of the fever

all i did was lying down and sleeping
and listening to crazy hectic noisy (super) fireworks, fire crackers, and people yelling shouting laughing, trumpets

and i felt more queasy than ever
no i was not jealous, i was kinda upset
i wanted to sleep badly
but as we know, staying with bunch of people IN THE NEW YEAR'S EVE CELEBRATION is never easy, not a right time to sleep

maybe next time i get sick (hopefully no) in new year's eve i'd rather go to hospital or somewhere else quieter
(as if there is such place LOL)

so i got sick day by day since that night until, well, now?

on monday 3rd january 2011, i went to hospital (yea right like i went there, i crawled there since it is super near)
the doc said my blood pressure was ok blablabla
so far so good
she prescribed the meds and i went to pharmacy, went home

happily thought "okay it's only a complication of cold, gastric problem, and fatigue"

but wait....
after 3 days or so i didn't get any better
much worse
i felt queasy everyday and the diarrhea was still going on

then i went to other doctor

he was super surprised when i told him the previous doc i went told me my blood pressure was ok
when it was not.
i got hypotension, my blood pressure is super abnormal, super low
that's why i feel queasy all the time, that's why my head spins and i feel so light as if i could collapse anytime i move my position (sit to stand, lie down to stand, etc.)

and he diagnosed i got gastric problem which kinda severe since i can no longer take food without feeling tummy pain or queasy

i got another 2 meds (previous doc gave me like 5 meds altogether)

so i got "holiday" ---> lol i want it so bad
for a week i just stay at home
do nothing (the second doctor told me not to think of anything but relaxing and taking rest)
but i kept on thinking about projects, works aaaaaaa!

i guess i am stressed as well ):

but now yea i am getting better though my head still spins like crazy most of the time
and my gastric is not 100% cured
but i am okay (:
i am blogging again (:
He takes care of me everytime and i know it, thank you Father (:

so i just thought from now on i would never believe 100% to what the doctor says, even if it's a big and famous hospital
i mean, it's about life or death how could several people ignore the importance of health and being alive
for Godsake please improve our medical service here in indonesia!!!!!

and like couple days ago i decided to take blood test (first time in indonesia) to check whether i got chance to get any other disease (dengue, etc.)
i was like super scared everytime i am about to do blood test
even when i was doing medical check up in sg
trust me, i'd do anything not to do that
i am always afraid of syringe aaaaaaaa

so last time i came to hospital i got super nervous
i got in the room, the nurse as usual did all the procedure (which i thought "okay this is the same like it used to in sg, so i am gonna be fine" >>>>>> NOT!)
until she told me to hold my fist, she did tell she was going to inject the syringe
pretty normal eh?
until she left the syringe there!!
i was like "what the hell is she doing!"
she was getting i don't know what because i didn't take any peek - as usual i want everything to be quick and done
what the hell with leaving the syringe there in my arm?
after some time she told me she was going to get the blood and done


after you left the syringe there....

i immediate felt super sore in my left arm like never before
and i was telling my mom, never! never again i would take blood test in that place again, ever again!

and now the bruise is still there
greenish, bluish with red dot in the middle
i never got any of it before