Thursday, December 30, 2010

profession. what is yours?

yesterday i went to local bank to create a new bank account (for the first time i came to this famous bank which i avoid since i don't enjoy long queue and such thing that is related to this particular bank)
so i filled in the application form (for sure)
and i handed it in to the customer service

for the job column i filled in the empty spot with "VISUAL ARTIST"
which is my true job i shall say
indeed it is my main job
ain't lie about it
and ain't wrong about it i assume

but then when she (the customer service) started to read trough the form
she asked me, all of sudden, what is your main job?
and i bluntly said "visual artist"
she asked where do i work and what i do
i said i make art and i work at home

she seemed so confused (frowned forehead and confused facial expression)

so she asked me whether i do any other "job"
and i told her i am currently in my internship with one of advertising company,
and she right away put a super long line on top of my "visual artist" column and replaced my job with common worker and she ticked the box

and i was pondering
actually pausing for couple of mins

i was intending to complaint
i mean is there anything wrong with doing what i actually do and earn money from it?

seriously people, what is the damn wrong with being a visual artist?

just because THE PROFESSION isn't there in the list of column it doesn't mean i can't write down what i do

okay so now i am doing the internship, which saved me from getting trouble i suppose?
but what if one day after i finish the internship and i'd like to apply another bank account?
will i get declined because of my profession?
even if i earn MILLIONS in a month? (amen)

i don't get it, really

if visual artist isn't a proper profession, so what did i do in the last 4 years struggling with my studies and aimed for the best in everything i do?

am i pissed off?
a bit

what makes a DESIGNER is more accepted than a VISUAL ARTIST when what the designer does is what is in the visual artist's blood and brain and heart?
makes me wanna ROFL all day!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Joyful happiness~

Merry Christmas everybody! (:

meL, Caesar&Jacko

Friday, December 24, 2010

money? what money?

i am sure like 80% of the indonesian's population have tried (at least one time) starbucks or any kind of trendy coffee shop like that

if you ever tried, my question is:
do you buy the beverage because of:
A. you really like the beverage because of its flavor or certain goodness of it
B. you think/feel that by buying it you are cool enough to be equal with others who have tried it as well, you just simply want to fit in
C. you just want to satisfy your own ego, in a way that being cool is by trying something's cool as well
D. socialization requires you to do it

i believe 90% of people who have tried it answer B, C, or D

really, in my opinion starbucks' coffees and instant coffee we get in any supermarket taste the same
i, myself almost never buy the coffee from starbucks, i usually buy the blended or their mix coffee, not the pure one

not to mention the price is not that cheap for a tall size of coffee
which is super small

now, my other question is
do we really need that kind of lifestyle?
for me the answer is NO.
i don't go to starbucks or any cafe just to fit in the lifestyle of social life
i don't go to any coffee shop just to fit in with popular socialite
i don't buy expensive coffee only for pride or ego

but yet.. it doesn't mean we can't try it and we become a snail in its house, not knowing what's going on in the world

and still, if you can't afford it then don't push yourself too high/hard

i am kind of allergic to silly people whom always talking about money money money
maybe i am just allergic to money issue

we need money but we do not owned by money or controlled by it
we need money to fulfill our needs but don't be ruled by it

my head aches everytime people are boosting about money or wealth they don't even own
(what i mean is i know your parent is damn rich, but what have you been contributing in your own life? have you achieved something without using your parent's money or power?)

i know some people who are like that
it doesn't mean that i hate them or whatsoever
i do befriend with them but i just can't fit in

what's the use of being arrogant
being proud of something you don't own

you get your car from your parent
you get your gadgets from your parent
you get your clothes from your parent
you get your whole fake self from your parent
my question is, are you really happy with your life?


what is the point in doing that?
i don't get it, never get it.
do you want to get as many fans as possible?
impress people?
being worshiped by others?
being seen as damn rich person?
and so what's the point in that?

does it change your life to a better and happier life?
does it make your life longer?
does it give you any advantage?
does it give you TRUE FRIEND?

i don't give a damn to any of bullshit
a proof that you can own everything from your own hard works impress me
i will simply admire you, adore you

i just can't stand fake people
my head aches so bad
and i begin to yawn all the time listening to any of your ego and pride
and i am tired with those kind of people

am i jealous?
oh my are you kidding me?
jealous by that kind of bullshit just wasting my time
i am jealous with those successful person who start everything from zero
and become a hero
low profile, intelligent, smart, polite, and kind

i just don't get how some people see others as a bunch of low class of people who don't deserve a polite hello and a smile

yea whatever

you see me as nothing, so do i

ah.. i am tired...
and my head aches

it's Christmas Eve
tomorrow i will travel out of town
be back by monday (hopefully)
have a nice weekend, people (:

stickers. what stickers?

what a busy (week) days we have when we are working, literary working in the office *sigh

recently, after i started working, i go home at around 7pm (could be less or more)
then take a shower, happy eating (yeah!), and i have been spending my time either doing workloads or going to sleep immediately
(since i love sleeping so much..........right)

so i miss my (beauty) sleeping time i usually have ):

but internship has been going quite well (of course since i handle this current project)
look fwd for it in my portfolio! :3

so yea i miss sleeping, i miss my babies, i miss doing things i love....
but anywayyy!
since i have more slacking time in office (LOL)
i do have chance to browse through interesting site, called,

damn! lotsa images there to browse and be inspired by them!
well it is kinda similar to flickr, thumblr, or any similar sites
but idk why i am more adapted to this particular site hehehe...

so couple of fast review about my internship, day one i was quite bored, since i was new, the situation ain't that easy
i prepared myself for the worst or whatsoever, i told myself, "look, you are damn newbie, but don't let them stomp you, NEVER!"
so yea, i managed to keep myself relaxed and calm (LOL considering i am quite a panic person when it comes to difficult situation, but i am a grown up now, so yeaaaaaaahhhh *pat my own shoulder*)

been almost a week though
i am get used to the environment
ADAPTION rules! :3

oh btw i just bought this super cute sticker (LOL, not to mention i love to collect bizzare stickers!)

(not to forget that i bought that bear pen as well hahaha!)

i just pasted the sticker (lower bottom left, the bear stickers) on the cover of my brand new portfolio (hard copy)
yea since my portfolio has been taken by the company i had interview with (i don't have a clue that here in Indonesia they take our portfolio with them and will never give it back ): how am i supposed to know thaaat? uhhh.... there goes my portfolio)
so now i re-print all stuffs *sigh

but anyway,
i am excited with life recently, super excited because things have been going on pretty well
i got several projects going on to keep me busy and i love being busy
so yea, i am happy, period


Sunday, December 19, 2010

CALENDAR 2011!!!! ☺♥

the calendar is here!
sorry for the super late delay

here is the link:

fyi the size is A4 size so that's the maximum size you can print out

if you want smaller size to be displayed on your desktop or anything else, let me know (:

a little preview for the calendar design


Thursday, December 16, 2010


so i got the internship! (yay?)

i started the internship yesterday (yea right the day after the interview, in fact i was almost got in the office ON THE DAY i got the interview.....right.)
yesterday was hell (LOL)
everything was totally different from what i get used to when i worked in sg

the environment, the people, the (literary) everything is super different
not to mention the interview part
i felt like more being interrogated than interviewed

so anyway...
i miss blogging so much
i miss doing stuffs i usually do

but internship is kind of a new experience i am lucky enough to get the chance
so my plan is to stick on what i am doing and hopefully i could make it 'til the end

people might think i am super weird that i am bored whenever i got nothing to do
so when i am somewhere, nothing to do or nothing to work on
i could easily go mad and emotionally unstable
yeah, lol

i prefer being so busy
running around here and there
doing this and that

give me works!
give me loads of projects
count on me!

please please hopefully tomorrow i will be given loads of, tons of works
(should i be careful with what i wish for??)

anyway, i am so so so so so super sorry for the delay of the 2011 calendar T___T

will upload is super soon! (:
btw tomorrow is friday

happy happy happy~

Monday, December 13, 2010

wish me luck (:

tomorrow i will be going for my first super formal job interview

usually i go to job interview super casual and like no burden on my shoulders
yet tomorrow, though it'll be like only semi part-time job, i feel like "oh my goodness, i must try hard and prove them fine arts graduate isn't merely FINE ARTS compared to design's"
damn what a great burden i carry over there

but hey
it is like nothing to lose
i should be more relax and be confident with myself

who cares if advertising people don't appreciate what i've got?
world doesn't revolve around them, right? (:

fine arts rule!
fine arts rock!

but anyway,
i am willing to learn
to absorb everything

so if i could get in the company,
i will face all challenge that will be given


oh btw i am making 2011 calendar that you can download once it's done! (:

Friday, December 10, 2010


so it's already week two, december 2010
time flies so fast when we are enjoying life
really? LOL
perhaps tough
despite of all troubles, hectic days, screaming-shouting, and pulling-hair days
we finally made it to the end of the year
2011 is about to come

i am preparing my resolution like from few months back
not really, it is more of like because i have less thing to do after i graduated

but it does mean a lot
more free time gives me more time to ponder
to think of what i want in my life, etc.

it doesn't give me extra hour but at least i learn to cherish how important life is

i try to do my best every single day
but i have failed many times
but it is okay because i keep on trying
i am not easily giving up, no way

so life is to be fulfilled
to me, life is to learn
to learn, to absorb as many things as possible
not to mention because i am still so young
i want to learn as many things in this world as possible

i have learned a lot from blog to blog
i have been, like, observing
many things i just figured out
just found out
from many creative blogs i have found so far
they are UHMAZING!
i mean it!

once i even asked myself
"dang, how'd they come up with that idea! i didn't even think about it once ever!"

see.. how people are so creative
how people are so innovative

and imagine what if you are the last person on earth who does not move forward?
who does not evolve?
who does not productive?
isn't life too short to be wasted?

the more i write
the more i research
the more i observe
the more i see
the more i look around
the more i absorb
the more i think
the more i do
the more i make myself better

oh btw, have you heard song by Katy Perry, Firework?
(i know it has been quite sometime since it was released)
i am in love with it
super good
esp. the lyric
check it out

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag
Drifting through the wind
Wanting to start again

Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin
Like a house of cards
One blow from caving in

Do you ever feel already buried deep
Six feet under scream
But no one seems to hear a thing

Do you know that there's still a chance for you
Cause there's a spark in you

You just gotta ignite the light
And let it shine
Just own the night
Like the Fourth of July

Cause baby you're a firework
Come on show 'em what your worth

Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y

Baby you're a firework
Come on let your colors burst
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
You're gonna leave 'em fallin' down-own-own

You don't have to feel like a waste of space
You're original, cannot be replaced
If you only knew what the future holds
After a hurricane comes a rainbow

Maybe you're reason why all the doors are closed
So you can open one that leads you to the perfect road

Like a lightning bolt, your heart will blow
And when it's time, you'll know

You just gotta ignite the light
And let it shine
Just own the night
Like the Fourth of July

Cause baby you're a firework
Come on show 'em what your worth
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y

Baby you're a firework
Come on slet your colors burst
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
You're gunna leave 'em fallin' down-own-own

Boom, boom, boom
Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon
It's always been inside of you, you, you
And now it's time to let it through

Cause baby you're a firework
Come on show 'em what your worth
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y

Baby you're a firework
Come on let your colors burst
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
You're gonna leave 'em goin "Oh, oh, oh!"

Boom, boom, boom
Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon
Boom, boom, boom
Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon

Thursday, December 9, 2010


what's authentic?
is there really such thing as authenticity?

regarding to the popular saying among art people,
everything has been done before
recalling to what was discussed in theory class when i was in college,
this particular saying evokes big reactions from the entire class

if everything has been done before,
wouldn't art be nothing but a copy?

some say yes, some say no

but as art people in art industry
there is no way we could ever agree to this statement
if art = copy, it useless, it's nothing

so what's left but dead discussion?

my first reaction was: damn, really everything?
but then my second thought: okay if it's really everything, isn't there something after everything that has better quality or even modified to certain extend that it doesn't any longer resemble the "has done before"?

for example:

if i recreate Monalisa, BUT i create it in my own manner, in a way that i make the painting by using different medium or style, per se

YES for it is still Monalisa i make, which is a copy of the actual Monalisa(which is also a copy of copy - it goes on and on if i want to discuss)
and YES for i use the painting method which has been done zillion times
and YES for any kind of medium i use, even if i claim it as NEW MEDIUM, i bet someone, somewhere has been used it before
and YES for my personal style that i am still sure that somebody in this entire universe has the same style as mine

so what makes my Monalisa different from Leonardo da Vinci's?

first thing i would like to bring up is THE IDEA
yes it could be someone's idea as well
but how about the EXECUTION?
even if zillion people in the world can have same style as i do, would the brush stroke be the same? exact same?
the pressure?
the choice of brush?
the choice of canvas?
the way i move my hands?
the choice i make which i want to paint first - the head? the hand?
the color i choose?
the paint brand

something that we make, even though it is a replica of something, i am sure, when we do it with hearts
the emotion derives from it would be much different
even if millions Monalisa from different people in around the world put together side by side
I AM 1000000000000000000000000000000% SURE you will get different emotion and feeling when you see them one by one

there are some things that can't be copied that easily.

okay, what a long intermezzo
well actually what i wanted to discuss in this writing is that the idea of copying itself
the reason why IKEA does not want to open its branch in Indonesia is because it is afraid of copying issue
from there, that particular sentence,
i could conclude: so Indonesia (esp. Indonesian) is so great at copying things that IKEA, that big company, is afraid of us?
makes me wanna ROFL!

but sadly, if we are so good at copying things, why can't we make something great out of it?
which i am sure, when we, Indonesia, can create such great things and sell it, imagine to the world
how much money could we get?

you know, everytime i visit certain cities in indonesia (as if i have visited many of them hahaha)
Yogyakarta, Bali, you name it
esp. when i visited Bali
you can see MANY handicrafts, rattan, BEAUTIFUL furniture made of rattan are spread along the way
and it looks damn elegant which i am sure it is expensive
but sadly..... it is to be exported
meaning that what's left to us, Indonesian, is usually ex-exported
see so many factory outlets in bandung, bogor, puncak?
the clothes are ex-exported
meaning we get rejected items

isn't it super sad?
i feel pathetic

when those things are exported, the price extremely goes high
so what we got left here is kind of rubbish.

i don't want to believe it but along these times we have been scraping our own rubbish
we made them
we sent them abroad
we got rejected items
we scrape them all the time

another issue is the copying issue regarding certain ideas: music, writings, any kind of thing that can be copied

simplest thing is STYLE
not only fashion style
but also style of writing
style of speaking

people say
copying is a flattering thing
meaning that when others copy what we have/do, they adore ours

isn't it just a matter of laziness?

imagine if you create something amazing, beautiful
with all hard works
endless sleepless nights
lack of foods
the energy we spent
the time
all the sacrifices we made

and then it is easily copied in a cheap way

i don't think so
first reaction i would be so pissed off, angry
and if i could i would sue the copier

too bad that not all things can be patented

but way worst that people just can't respect and appreciate what someone does/makes

not all things in the world come cheap, you know....
some are just meant to be priceless (no you can't even swipe your visa out of it!)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

take and give.

according to what people old folks used to say,

we, as social human beings should have a balance between taking and giving in our society
meaning that,
we can't only just taking what people give us but we should be giving as well

therefore, there is a mutual relationship between us and others

hmm sounds easy?

but how's about the actual act?

uh-huh as if it's easy. it is never easy

knowing the fact that MOST PEOPLE in current society are unfortunates or perhaps are just aiming for all goodness and easiness in life
that they acknowledging the fact: taking someone's gift is what we should be thankful about


is it really like that?

but really, shouldn't we be thankful about what people give us?
yes. to certain extend i do agree

agree until one day my father told me,

being human, cannot just be thankful or be proud of what others give us.
we should be thankful for what WE ARE ABLE to give others.

meaning that, the proportion should be imbalanced, in a way that we should be giving more instead of taking

but why?

because........ (he continued)
when people give us something, indeed they do not expect something to be returned (well some do anyway) but what matter is that it is as if, when people give us something, we (unconsciously and it appears as if) OWE them something in return, whether it is actual "DEBT" or debt we should pay one day when our living bodies are not on this beloved earth no more....

quite scary, huh?

i do think so though..

i know that living in this society in current stake of like is quite tough
but there is no reason for someone, for us, to always looking forward to what people give us all the time

no matter how small something is, if it is what we earn so hard in this life, and we are willingly enough to GIVE, it is something precious in His eyes
i believe so.

since my father told me that,
i learn not to easily being given something by someone
as long as i can earn it by myself or i can afford it by myself even if i have to sweat and bleeding to get that, i'd get that by myself

He gave me a complete living body, 2 hands, 2 feet
why can't i try hard, work hard to earn the best i could and start giving other people goodness?
doesn't it feel good when we are able to give something to others who are in need, and they smile at us, their eyes are glowing with thankfulness
and we shall smile......
and be thankful as well for being His living proof and living hands to help others

instead of being lazy, complaining all the time about how tough life is (life is never easy!), and how incapable you are
and constantly waiting for others to give something
and hoping for the next gifts to be received

imagine how angry He is when He gave you so much, air to breathe, energy to work on something, but you just being lazy not wanting to do anything about your life

and btw my father hates those kind of people as well

another story my father had told me before is when people celebrate literary anything: wedding, birthday, baby shower, new house, etc.
even funeral i shall say

is the time when they ask for our prayers, blessings, that is why they give away such things as set meal, cakes, foods, party
those things they give/held are their ways to get our prayers for what they currently are celebrating
thus, it's kind of "burden" for us once we receive it

easiest example,
baby shower
usually people are giving a way a set meal in a box
or cakes for their relatives

anyways whatever is the give away
once we receive it, even consume it (or use it)
we carry the "burden" to pray for their happiness, goodness

i call it "burden" because indeed it is something WE HAVE TO DO in favor of their kindness
they never expect it from us but we, as people, as human being, should do that in the return of their hospitality
if not, what we eat/use would be a two sided blade
could be harming us

i am not telling/sharing this because i forbid people from taking what others give
it is not what i meant
what i really mean is that we should start a habit, whereby we should be thankful with what we have
and when we receive something from others (in a sense of regarding to certain celebration), we should, really should be praying for their happiness and goodness in their lives

isn't prayer something we can do/give freely?
why can't we do that if it's free and simple and no fuss?

thus, a good habit can start now

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

hectic traffic.

can you imagine i spent approx. 2 hours only to get out from a shopping mall today!?

i was like almost pulling my hair and screaming like crazy cat!!
it was just unbelievable! bizarre!
it was just not normal at all!

how come you need 2 hours just to exit a mall?

i'm starting to think of somewhere, somewhere that has minimal traffic and the life pace isn't so fast and crazy and hectic!

a place where life is enjoyable and you can move from one place to another without having to see cars around you or noisy horn!

oh, and i guess CRAZY TRAFFIC JAM is included in my MOST ANNOYING THING(S)

have you had like couple things that are simply annoying?
it doesn't have to be something you do/see/hear/touch
it could be something that others do that affects you badly
that you can't hang on and you feel like screaming, running, and pulling your hair because of it
i have my own list of annoying things

and here's my version of annoying things:
1. when people scratch dry wound, you know, the wound that is almost healed usually becomes dry and quite flaky and easily peeled off, but some are just so stubborn that need few scratches and nail action oh MY i can't stand it, seeing or hearing someone doing that kind of thing will shiver me and i get chill!

2. this one is similar with number one, instead of wound, i hate when people scratch and pull cracked heels! yes! see the cracked dry skin underneath your beloved feet, please just don't pull or scratch it! no nail action! no fingers action! it is just horrible! hearing the sound of scratched skin and nail just drives me crazy! chills! aaa!

3. noisy cellphone's keypad tone sound. really, people should really mute their tone sounds, esp. those people who like to sms a lot! the beep beep sound everytime a letter is being typed just not normal for my ears!

4. humming/almost-not-there-sound when i am about to sleep. it is wayyyy more horrible than a super loud noisy sound (well it doesn't better as well duh)

5. people swaying their legs when they sit next to me. hahahahah! this one is not so annoying but sometimes when the "local earthquake" is way to shaky, i prefer not to sit next to that kind of person

6. any kind of illness!

7. bizarre traffic jam, a traffic where actually nothing happens but cars are just like crazy! really, why bother to create a jam when you can just go on smoothly.. people love traffic jam eh?

oh my it's 1.11 am now and i am super tired
i guess i need my beauty sleep now..
today is holiday but i am planning to go somewhere (hmm picnicking sounds great haha!)
but anyway.......

good morning fellas!
have a grrrrreat short holiday (:

Saturday, December 4, 2010

beautiful waste.

so last tuesday i went back to the workshop where i do my eco green garbage

not only did the finishing (which has not finished yet anyway haha) i also did the second garbage that was left with basic paint last time

so what i did was i want to create two "genders" for two different garbages in two different styles of design

the first one (in previous post) is actually the "female" one
and the one i worked on recently is the "male" one

so here's the preview oh and also i add couple fixings to the "female" garbage by adding more colors:


cup pizza.

jadi judulnya beberapa waktu yang lalu saya sibuk manggang-manggang berbaga macam makanan, dari kue sampai ikan bakar panggang maksudnya hehehe..
terus kemarin ini sempet stop manggang-manggang beberapa waktu, beberapa minggu
sampai liat-liat resep kue di
terus keinginan buat manggang-manggang iseng muncul lagi
passsss banget kemaren itu pengen makan pizza hehuehuehue tapi males beli hahahahaa (bilang aja pelit)

naaaahh nemu tuh resep ini PIZZA IN A CUP 
pas dibaca resepnya, ehhhh gak perlu ragi dan segala macem yang rumit
hajaaarrrr langsung semangat 45 bikin wahahhaha...
(pengalaman horor bikin donat panggang pake ragi kok serasa makan donat rasa ragi T_T)

dan karena ga sabar proses bikin sesuatu yang pake ragi (nunggu lama, ulenin, nunggu lagi, ulenin lagi, ahh letih)

akhirnya saya putuskan hari itu juga pokoknya mau makan pizza! *niat banget*

seperti biasa, saya paling males print resep hahahaha!
secara resepnya ga ribet, saya tongolin aja di laptop di atas meja 
alhasil ya mondar mandir beberapa kali dari dapur ke meja laptop
sudah biasa hahaha..

berikut resep lengkapnya:

5 sdm minyak zaitun
75 gr bawang bombai, cincang
2 siung bawang putih, cincang
200 gr daging cincang
100 gr keju cheddar , parut
150 gr nanas, cincang
50 gr paprika hijau, potong kotak kecil
50 gr paprika merah, potong kotak kecil
2 btr telur, kocok lepas
75 gr mentega, lelehkan
180 gr tepung terigu
2 sdt baking powder
2 sdt oregano  bubuk
1 sdt garam
½ sdt lada bubuk
1 sdt mentega, untuk olesan

Cara Membuat:
1. Panaskan oven 180 derajat Celsius. Oles cetakan muffin  dengan sedikit mentega, sisihkan.
2. Panaskan minyak zaitu, tumis bawang bombai dan bawang putih sampai harum dan matang. Masukkan daging cincang, aduk rata, masak sampai berubah warna. Angkat dan dinginkan.
3. Campur tumisan daging dengan sisa bahan, aduk rata.
4. Tuang adonan ¾ tinggi cetakan muffin. Panggang 20 menit atau sampai matang. Angkat dan sajikan hangat.

gampang kan?
saking gampangnya saya seenak jidad maen bikin-bikin aja hari itu, gak cek persediaan bahan hahaahah!!!!
dengan pede merasa semua bahan ada
begitu buka kulkas jeng jeng jengggg!!!!!!!! HAMPIR GA ADA SEMUA BAHAN! T__T
karena saya cerdas (cieeeee pede)
bukan cerdas karena emang LALAI PERMANEN, sering mau bikin-bikin tapi bahan kurang, biasa saya modifikasi resep seenaknya hahaha..
kalau indonesianya, TAK ADA ROTAN AKARPUN JADI

jadi di kulkas saya nemu:
keju parut, fillet dada ayam yang saya marinate lebih dari 1 minggu untungnya belom basi, bakso ayam..
aha! kenapa gak bikin pizza modifikasi?
saya pernah makan roasted chicken pizza dan itu enak banget
jadi karena otak saya bilang GO, ya hayook masak!

berikut resep modifikasi (hahah!):
5 sdm minyak zaitun
2 siung bawang putih, cincang
1 cup bayam, cuci bersih
2 butir telur, rebus sampai matang lalu kupas dan potong dadu kecil-kecil
3 sdm mayonaise
2 sdm saos tomat
1 sdt gula pasir
200 gr marinated chicken breast
100 gr keju cheddar , parut
2 btr telur, kocok lepas
75 gr butter, lelehkan
170 gr tepung terigu
2 sdt baking powder
1 sdt garam
½ sdt lada bubuk
1 sdt butter, untuk olesan

Cara Membuat:
1. Panaskan oven 180 derajat Celsius. Oles cetakan muffin  dengan sedikit butter leleh, sisihkan.
2. Panaskan minyak zaitu, tumis bawang putih sampai harum dan matang. Nah karena pizza saya modifikasi, masaknya juga lebih sedikit repot, karena niat banget membagi toppingnya jadi 3 macam: ayam panggang, bakso ayam, telur, bayam.
untuk ayam panggang: karena ayamnya sudah saya marinate, saya potong dadu kecil-kecil, lalu saya masak dengan bawang putih cincang sampai setengah matang.
untuk bakso ayam: tumis dengan cincangan bawang putih sampai matang
untuk bayam: tumis dengan bawang putih sampai matang
untuk telur: rebus sampai matang, potong dadu kecil, aduk rata dengan mayonaise, saos tomat, dan gula pasir
3. Campur semua bahan adonan (tepung terigu, keju parut, telur, garam, lada, baking powder, dan lelehan butter) sampai rata, bagi menjadi 4 bagian, masing-masing untuk tiap topping, aduk rata.
4. Tuang adonan ¾ tinggi cetakan muffin. Panggang 20 menit atau sampai matang. Angkat dan sajikan hangat.

*untuk resep marinate ayam panggangnya:

1 sdm five spices (kalau gak salah ini tuh bumbu ngohiong yah)
garam lada secukupnya
2 sdm gula palem
1 sdm kecap asin

masukkan ayam ke ziplock bag, masukkan semua bahan, ratakan
masukkan kulkas minimal 30menit (makin lama makin enak)

dan ini hasil modifikasi suka-suka:

review rasa:
dari segi rasa sih mirip-mirip sama pastry gitu malah ketimbang pizza hahahahahahahaha
tapi enak karena saya pakai cetakan muffin ukuran kecil, jadi imut-imut pizza in a cup nya hahaha...
terus juga lumayan ngenyangin karena ada kejunya dan isinya full hehehe..
kalau mau makan bisa tinggal dipanasin aja kok, terus jadi deh buat sarapan simple, cepet, ngenyangin

oh P.S.:
emang dari awal males ikut resep karena saya gak doyan nanas :p

Sunday, November 28, 2010

passion is the key.

1. a strong feeling or emotion 
2. something that is desired intensely 
passion = gairah
seperti judul post ini, passion itu adalah kunci
saya selalu menyinggung tentang passion, kenapa?
karena saya membaca buku René Suhardono? 
gak juga  
bukan cuma karena buku itu saya selalu menyinggung kata passion
buat saya passion itu ibarat kepompong yang membungkus ulat dengan aman dan nyaman
dimana passion itu membuat kita nyaman dan merasa aman di dalam hidup kita
emang sih rada lebay hehehehe..
cuma kalau hidup tanpa gairah itu sama aja hidup tanpa tujuan
yang ujung-ujungnya cuma jadi meaningless 
ga ada artinya, monoton, bosenin, malesin
jadi ngomong-ngomong soal passion ini,
habis baca artikel tentang profil ibu Sisca Soewitomo (iya ibu yang suka masak di tipi ini loh) di
saya jadi kembali berkobar-kobar *halah* untuk menyerukan AYO KEJAR PASSIONMU!
si ibu yang satu ini saya selalu tongkrongin dulu di tipi pagi-pagi tiap hari sabtu (atau minggu ya saya lupa) buat nonton acara masaknya hehehehe
maklum saya sih hobi banget nonton acara gituan (ketimbang sinetron hohoho)
soalnya si ibu ini bawainnya kok enak banget yah, kalem gitu keibuan heuheuuhee...
(kalau mau dibandingin sih si cooking mama kalah deh sama bu Sisca! ;p)
*masih dendam karena kalah mulu maen cooking mama di wii hahaha*

terus saya baca dua bagian artikel itu, artikel pertama isinya sih tentang background masa kecil ibu Sisca
ternyata oh ternyata, masa kecil saya dan ibu Sisca ga beda jauh hahaha *pede banget*
dari kecil si ibu suka banget ikut-ikutan masak memasak di rumahnya membantu ibu dan neneknya

saya juga loh bu gini-gini saya waktu kecil nimbrung mulu di dapur, antara ngerecokin yang masak dan bantuin perbandingannya 5:1 hahaa jadi lebih sering ngerecokin sebenernya

tapi kalau dipikir-pikir iya juga saya dari kecil udah suka masak memasak, ditandai dengan mainan masak-masakan saya yang bejibun jumlahnya!
dan belum puas dengan mainan masak-masakan dari plastik, biasanya saya waktu kecil suka colongan untuk main masak-masakan semi beneran pakai api, kaleng susu, tembikar, dan *korban* bunga dan daun di kebun depan rumah hehehe..
jadi saya biasa ambil batu bata disusun jadi mirip tungku, saya kasih lilin di tengah-tengah bagian "tungku" itu lalu saya taruh kaleng susu di atasnya, untuk merebus air, ceritanya mau masak sup
habis itu kalau ketauan mama/tante/pembantu saya otomatis saya dimarahi abis-abisan (tapi ga kapok-kapok heheheh)

nahhh dari situ saya makin besar, makin sering membantu di dapur hehehe..
kadang bantuin motong-motong atau aduk-aduk masakan di kompor
tapi karena namanya juga anak kecil, sempet kepotong pisau atau motongnya ga bener, trus baru sebentar aduk-aduk udah kepanasan hahahaha...
terus juga dulu suka bikin kue, maksudnya bantuin hehehe..
beranjak smp baru mulai centilnya bikinin cokelat valentine buat gebetan-gebetan hahahaha...
disitu deh saya mulai belajar bikin kue sendiri, masak sendiri
walau ngaco-ngaco dan sering gagal, tetep aja ga pernah bosen untuk masak memasak
jadi gak salah doong saya ngaku-ngaku mirip ama bu Sisca hehehehehe

di artikel pertama juga disitu bu Sisca bilang bahwa beliau sempat keluar dari fakultas kedokteran (yang merupakan cita-cita awalnya) demi untuk mengejar mimpinya, sebagai jago masak
disitu saya juga ada kemiripan hehe..
jadi awalnya saya kuliah itu niat banget 100000000% mau lulus sebagai interior designer, terus apa daya di tengah-tengah proses kuliah saya sempat pindah haluan ke communication design, terus sampe akhirnya mendarat di fine arts, yang merupakan passion saya sejak lama, yang sempat ditentang kedua orang tua saya

begitulah, jalan hidup seseorang bisa berubah dalam waktu singkat
tapi saya, seperti bu Sisca, tidak pernah menyesali keputusan yang diambil dulu

satu bagian kecil dari artikel itu yang benar-benar membuat saya berhenti dan berpikir sejenak adalah:
Membagi ilmu dapur buatku sangatlah menyenangkan. Ini membuatku dekat dengan ibu-ibu di seluruh Indonesia. Aku tak punya rahasia, semua ilmu dan resep kubagikan kepada mereka. Mengapa harus takut berbagi rahasia? Aku percaya, kok, rezeki sudah ada yang mengatur. Ibaratnya, penjual sayur yang jumlahnya banyak saja, punya rezekinya masing-masing.
wow, sangat jarang saya temui, orang yang begitu sangat amat ahli dalam suatu bidang, benar-benar mau berbagi kepada orang lain tanpa takut atau picik dalam membaginya
soalnya banyak banget orang-orang yang pernah saya temui di hidup saya, yang ahli, benar-benar ahli dalam suatu bidang, tapi buat berbagi ke orang lain aja susahnya minta ampun, sepertinya paranoid dan takut kalau ilmunya bisa diserap orang lain sampai habis *cape deee*

kalau saya sendiri, biasanya kalau ada orang bertanya tentang sesuatu yang saya fasih di bidang itu, saya berusaha membantu membagi rahasianya sebisa mungkin
karena buat saya, membagi ilmu dengan orang lain sama menyenangkannya dengan mendapatkan ilmu baru
lagipula dengan membagi ilmu tersebut, secara gak langsung saya bisa menemukan sisi lain dari apa yang sudah saya ketahui/fasih dan malah bisa semakin fasih dalam mengerti ilmu tersebut karena kita mengulang-ulang terus yang sudah dipelajari
sama seperti belajar tanpa akhir
dan itu indah
Itu sebabnya, mottoku adalah aku tak mau sombong. Aku belajar dari siapa saja. Aku justru terharu bila ilmu yang kubagikan bermanfaat bagi orang lain. Tak jarang, ibu-ibu yang datang di demo masakku mengatakan, ia berhasil mendapat penghasilan tambahan dari berjualan makanan berdasarkan resepku. Tak terkira senangnya aku.
kalau dari membaca artikel itu saya bisa merasa Sisca Soewitomo adalah sosok yang rendah hati, mau belajar, dan pekerja keras
buktinya beliau melakukan segala sesuatunya dari hati dan optimis
jarang loh ada orang yang 100% menekuni apa yang dia inginkan
dan ibu Sisca Soewitomo menunjukkan bahwa jika kita benar-benar mencintai sesuatu dari dalam hati yang paling dalam dan bekerja keras untuk mewujudkannya, menjalaninya, apapun yang kita kerjakan akan menjadi positif dan berhasil

apalagi bisa membahagiakan orang lain, itu sudah merupakan nilai plus
dan jelas, kebaikan akan kembali masuk ke hidup kita

dan untuk adanya artikel tersebut, saya merasa terpacu (lagi) untuk terus berusaha mewujudkan apa yang saya impikan, karena tidak ada yang mustahil
bahkan mimpi terbesar, terbizzare sekalipun

keep moving forward!


Profil Sisca Soewitomo Pt. I
Profil Sisca Soewitomo Pt. II

Friday, November 26, 2010


sehubungan dengan hal yang papa saya katakan, dengan gak bermaksud untuk menyinggung orang-orang yang berpikir bahwa "bekerja adalah keinginan dari hati yang paling dalam"
benar saya setuju bahwa BETUL, bekerja di perusahaan atau apapun yang berhubungan dengan bekerja untuk orang lain, bukan suatu hal yang buruk atau hal yang salah untuk dilakukan.
itu benar

tapi saya datang dari dua latar belakang yang berbeda
papa saya, beliau dulu sempat bekerja untuk orang lain tapi kemudian beliau menikmati waktunya saat bekerja untuk diri sendiri, yang pada akhirnya papa membuka usaha sendiri.
yang berarti suatu hal yang bagus dan sepertinya ada di dalam darah saya
papa pernah bilang, gak bermaksud untuk menyinggung atau menyindir apalagi nyari ribut sama orang yang kerja di perusahaan atau orang yang kerja untuk orang lain, bahwa mereka itu sama aja kek pembantu. pembantu dalam artian bahwa mereka gak bebas dan lagian penghasilannya gak sebagus yang punya usaha sendiri (kalau sukses)

di lain pihak, mama saya sudah bekerja untuk perusahaan-perusahaan selama hidupnya
yang bukan berarti hal yang buruk juga, sesuatu yang pernah saya coba sesekali waktu saya masih kuliah, walau cuma sebagai pegawai paruh waktu, saya tau banget gimana rasanya kerja sama orang (sama perusahaan)
ya mungkin sih ga sebanding sama apa yang mama saya rasakan hahahaha!

tapi, saya sendiri milih untuk kerja sendiri, membangun sesuatu yang baru dan mudah-mudahan bisa membawa kebaikan dan kesenangan untuk orang lain (untuk apapun yang saya jadikan tujuan)

jadi apa yang sudah saya kerjakan? saya sudah memikirkan beberapa hal yang mau saya "bangun"
saya gamau menyebut apa itu sekarang karena saya punya kepercayaan aneh klo tiap kali saya kasih tau kabarnya ke orang biasanya malah berantakan rencananya haha..
jadi biarin dulu aja saya menyelami ini sendiri dulu, kalau semuanya sudah beres dan pasit jadi, saya MAU banget kasih kabarnya sama kalian semua (:

jadi yang mau saya lakukan untuk mendukung orang lain dengan membuat post ini adalah sebenernya banyak cara untuk memperbaiki diri kita sendiri atau juga untuk memberikan ego kita kesempatan untuk semakin berkembang kalau memang memiliki usaha sendiri adalah keinginan hati kita yang sebenernya. hehehe...

saya tahu beberapa orang takut untuk mengambil kesempatan untuk menggapai impian dan cita-citanya seperti yang sudah saya bahas di post sebelumnya, René Suhardono - Your Job Is Not Your Career
yang pada dasarnya membahas tentang bagaimana sebagian orang merasa takut untuk mengambil kesempatan karena mereka memiliki tanggungan dan beban yang tidak bisa dihiraukan (misalnya keluarga)
tapi sebenernya ga ada yang bisa mencegah kita untuk melakukan apa yang kita suka sekalipun kita punya tanggung jawab yang sangat besar, misalnya memberi makan keluarga.
kalau kita benar-benar serius menginginkan sesuatu yang kita cintai, maka saya yakin 10000000000% kalau jagad raya ini akan mendukung kita dan membuat apa yang kita inginkan menjadi kenyataan.

jadi berikut ini adalah artikel dari
sebenernya artikelnya dibagi jadi dua bagian (gatau kenapa) tapi saya jadiin satu di bawah ini

Yuk Membuka Usaha Sendiri Pt. I and  Yuk Membuka Usaha Sendiri Pt. II

Rabu, 3 Februari 2010
Yuk, Membuka Usaha Sendiri 
Mungkin Anda tidak puas dengan penghasilan yang Anda dapatkan. Atau mungkin Anda masih punya waktu luang di luar pekerjaan utama? Bila Anda merasakan hal itu, mungkin Anda mulai berpikir membuka usaha sendiri di luar pekerjaan utama.
Kita biasa menyebut usaha ini sebagai usaha sampingan. Kalau sekarang Anda ikut mencari penghasilan dalam keluarga, berarti Anda punya dua sumber penghasilan.
Jika usaha ini makin lama makin tumbuh besar, Anda bisa memilih untuk konsentrasi di usaha Anda sendiri atau menyerahkan pengelolaan pada orang lain. Sehingga Anda bisa punya lebih banyak waktu untuk diri
Anda sendiri, sementara pemasukan terus berjalan. Jadi, usaha sendiri bisa memberikan Anda kebebasan waktu dan uang. Enak kan? Bandingkan dengan apabila Anda bekerja pada orang lain.
Tetapi merintis usaha sendiri tidak segampang itu. Awalnya, Anda harus terlibat penuh dalam usaha tersebut. Anda harus merancang sistemnya, mengatur siapa saja orang-orang yang akan membantu, bagaimana usaha itu bisa berjalan, bagaimana memasarkan, dan lain sebagainya.
Bahkan boleh dibilang, pada awal membuka usaha sendiri membutuhkan usaha yang lebih keras dibanding bila Anda bekerja pada orang lain. Tetapi jika usaha itu sudah mulai berjalan dengan baik, Anda pelan-pelan bisa mulai meninggalkannya dan membiarkan usaha tersebut berjalan dengan sendirinya.

[kalau saya sendiri sih saya ga punya pekerjaan tetap, dalam artian saya melakukan freelance, paruh waktu, dan proyek sendiri, jadi membangun usaha yang baru adalah sesuatu yang saya bisa lakukan dengan bebas tanpa harus ragu atau takut atau merasa punya tanggung jawab.
bahkan artikel ini mendukung orang yang bekerja tapi juga pengen punya usaha sendiri, bagus kan? coba pikirkan betapa menggodanya usaha sendiri itu?]

Sekarang, apa sih yang harus Anda perhatikan kalau ingin membuka usaha sendiri?
1. Bidang Usaha
Tentukan lebih dulu, bidang usaha macam apa yang ingin Anda jalankan. Apakah Anda ingin menjalankan usaha rumah makan kecil? Atau apakah Anda ingin membuka toko aksesoris seperti Tini, atau justru ingin membuka sebuah butik? Bagaimana kalau toko suvenir yang menjual pernik-pernik lucu seperti gelas-gelas lucu atau semacamnya? Bisa juga kan? Pada prinsipnya, semua bidang usaha tersebut bisa dibagi menjadi:

Bidang usaha yang jarang atau belum ada.
Beberapa dari Anda mungkin ragu bila ingin memulai bidang usaha yang belum ada atau masih jarang dilakukan. Tapi itu bukan berarti Anda tidak akan sukses. Tengok Aqua. Ketika pertama kali diperkenalkan, banyak orang ragu apakah Aqua bisa berhasil di pasaran, padahal belum pernah sebelumnya ada pengusaha yang menjual air minum dalam botol. Bahkan pada awalnya banyak yang mencibir: apa ada orang yang mau membeli air dengan harga lebih mahal dari bensin? Apalagi kita bisa memasak air minum sendiri di rumah. Nyatanya Aqua sukses besar.
Bidang usaha yang sudah banyak dilakukan
Bisa juga Anda memulai Bidang Usaha yang sudah banyak dilakukan. Kalau tadi banyak orang ragu untuk memulai bidang usaha yang baru, tapi di lain pihak banyak juga orang yang ragu untuk memulai bidang usaha yang sudah banyak dijalankan. Sebagai contoh, banyak wanita yang ragu untuk membuka butik, karena di sekitarnya sudah banyak yang melakukannya.
Sebenarnya, walau butik Anda baru berdiri, tapi kalau baju-baju yang Anda jual mempunyai kelebihan atau ciri khas dibanding pesaing Anda, selalu ada peluang untuk berhasil. Belum lagi faktor pelayanan yang baik, walau usaha ini banyak pesaingnya, maka peluang berhasil tetap terbuka.

Butik BIG milik seorang artis bernama Hughes misalnya, cukup laku juga tuh. Itu karena butik itu memiliki spesialisasi khusus, yaitu hanya menjual baju yang diperuntukkan bagi wanita yang memiliki berat badan ekstra.

[yang saya lakukan pada dasarnya menggabungkan dua kategori di atas, saya mengamati dan melakukan riset apa yang sudah ada di luar sana, saya cari kelemahan mereka untuk menjadikannya sesuatu yang lebih dan menghasilkan di bisnis saya. contohnya saja bisnis perhiasan, saya lakukan riset dan mengamati apa yang ada di pasaran (di tempat dan di internet) dan saya rincikan apa saya yang kurang dari tiap-tiap bagian. misalnya saja desain perhiasan di pasaran (toko-toko) itu terlalu monoton, ga ada yang spesial dan saya suka sesuatu yang khusus didesain untuk saya saja, jadi yang saya lakukan adalah saya memutuskan untuk membuat produk handmade dan membuatnya terbatas, jadi orang yang beli produk saya akan merasa spesial dan ga takut untuk ketemu orang lain terus liat produk yang sama dipake, saya benci banget hal itu. dan sekarang saya juga merencanakan sesuatu yang baru yang belum ada di indonesia, terutama di jakarta

lagi-lagi saya sendiri sebagai contoh, saya sudah menjalani berbagai macam hal berbeda sejak saya pulang ke indonesia. saya kerjain perhiasan, mengerjakan berbagai macam proyek desain, saya bahkan nyobain manggang dan masak sebagai kesempatan untuk dapetin uang, dan terakhir ini saya lagi menyusun rencana untuk bisnis besar dan semuanya saya mulai dari yang kecil dulu, untuk mengetahui apakah saya bisa menangani atau tidak dan untuk meyakinkan diri saya sendiri bahwa saya bisa bertanggung jawab dan memanage bisnis kecil-kecilan dahulu]

2. Lokasi
Di mana Anda ingin membuka lokasi usaha Anda? Di rumah sendiri? Atau Anda ingin menyewa sebuah tempat kecil di pinggir jalan? Atau Anda ingin menyewa sebuah ruko? Jangan lupa bahwa dalam beberapa jenis bidang usaha, lokasi memegang peranan yang cukup penting. Anda sendirilah yang harus menentukan lokasi mana yang tepat dalam usaha Anda. Sekali lagi, lokasi memegang peranan yang sangat penting.

3. Pelanggan
Bagaimana Anda mendapatkan pembeli barang dagangan Anda? Atau bila itu usaha jasa, bagaimana cara Anda akan mendapatkan klien? Apakah Anda akan memulainya dengan mempromosikannya dari mulut ke mulut? Ataukah Anda akan membuat brosur dan meye-barkannya dari rumah ke rumah?
Beberapa orang yang saya kenal mempromosikan usahanya dengan memasang plang di depan tempat usahanya. Ada juga yang mempromosikan usahanya dengan memasang iklan kecil di koran. Atau, kenapa Anda tidak mencoba memasang iklan Anda di internet? Internet terbukti merupakan media yang ampuh dalam menjaring pembeli, walaupun mungkin tidak semuanya.
Yang terpenting di sini adalah Anda sudah harus tahu terlebih dahulu tentang bagaimana cara Anda dalam mendapatkan pembeli atau klien dari usaha Anda. Bila tak ada pembeli, tak akan ada penjualan. Bila tak ada penjualan, maka usaha Anda tidak cukup berhasil. Sederhana sekali.

[hal ini sangat sangat penting, saya mengerjakan perhiasan di rumah, berpikir untuk memasarkannya online (toko online facebook dan website), tapi rupanya akhir-akhir ini saya belum perlu memasarkan secara online karena produk saya sudah laku dengan cara dijual ke orang-orang :D *senangnyaaa*]

4. Tenaga Kerja
Berapa orang yang akan Anda pekerjakan? Apakah hanya Anda sendiri yang bekerja di situ? Apakah Anda juga mempekerjakan sejumlah orang dalam usaha Anda? Mungkin ada baiknya kalau Anda mulai dengan jumlah tenaga kerja yang sedikit lebih dahulu. Nanti bila usaha Anda makin berkembang, Anda mungkin akan membutuhkan sejumlah tambahan orang yang bisa Anda pekerjakan.
Ada bagusnya bila Anda juga mempekerjakan anggota keluarga Anda. Seperti anak Anda (bila mereka sudah cukup umur tentunya), atau mungkin suami Anda. Dengan mempekerjakan mereka, maka secara tidak langsung mereka juga akan mempunyai rasa ikut memiliki dalam usaha tersebut. Dengan adanya rasa memiliki dari para anggota keluarga, maka dukungan yang diberikan kepada Anda untuk menjalankan usaha tersebut bisa makin besar.

5. Perencanaan Keuangan
Banyak usaha yang bangkrut karena kehabisan uang tunai. Karena itu penting sekali bagi Anda untuk memperhitungkan jumlah modal awal yang sebaiknya Anda miliki untuk bisa menjalankan usaha Anda. Alangkah baiknya apabila modal tersebut bisa mencukupi untuk membayar pengeluaran perusahaan selama 12 bulan ke depan.
Selain modal awal, apa yang harus Anda lakukan adalah dengan membuat perkiraan arus kas selama 12 bulan ke depan. Perkiraan arus kas adalah perhitungan yang menggambarkan berapa perkiraan arus keluar masuk uang tunai dalam usaha Anda. Sama seperti modal, maka alangkah baiknya kalau Anda memiliki perkiraan arus kas selama 12 bulan ke depan. Dengan demikian, dalam setahun ke depan, usaha Anda diharapkan tidak akan bangkrut hanya gara-gara kehabisan uang tunai.

Di samping hal-hal di atas, ada hal-hal lain yang perlu Anda perhatikan sehubungan dengan gaya berdagang Anda. Memang ada pepatah yang mengatakan bahwa orang baik bahagia hidupnya. Tapi dalam bidang usaha, terlalu baik hati bisa menciptakan sejumlah hambatan. Dan memang banyak pemilik usaha kecil yang terlalu "baik" dalam menjalankan usahanya, seperti:
- Mereka terlalu mengalah terhadap partner atau langganannya
- Mereka menetapkan harga yang pas-pasan saja atas produk dan jasa yang dijualnya
- Mereka terlalu baik hati dan kurang tegas terhadap bawahannya
- Mereka merasa ada sesuatu yang salah, kotor atau tak bermoral kalau mereka mendapatkan uang, keuntungan atau kesempatan.
Karena itu, hindari hal-hal seperti itu. Pengusaha yang baik tidak berlaku baik, tetapi berlaku adil. Adil terhadap partner atau pelanggannya, adil terhadap harga barang dan jasa yang dijualnya, adil terhadap bawahannya, dan tentu saja adil terhadap dirinya sendiri.
Terakhir, yang paling penting, ada satu hal yang harus ada di benak Anda sebelum memulai usaha sendiri, yaitu: SIAP UNTUK GAGAL. Rencanakan keberhasilan Anda, tetapi bersiaplah untuk gagal. Sehingga apabila Anda betul-betul gagal, Anda tidak akan down .

[ini dia tantangannya,
- Mereka terlalu mengalah terhadap partner atau langganannya
saya banget nih
- Mereka menetapkan harga yang pas-pasan saja atas produk dan jasa yang dijualnya
hahaha juga saya banget
- Mereka terlalu baik hati dan kurang tegas terhadap bawahannya
untung belon punya bawahan hehehe
- Mereka merasa ada sesuatu yang salah, kotor atau tak bermoral kalau mereka mendapatkan uang, keuntungan atau kesempatan.
aaaaah saya sekali!!! so me so me!

rasanya jadi pengen nyeletuk, "aduh" hahaha..
karena saya paling gak bisa sebenernya berurusan sama yang duit-duit gitu. kalo bisa ngasih gratis sih rela deh hahaa.. *bodoh sekali*, cuma saya belajar untuk memulai sesuatu dari yang kecil dulu, seperti kali ini jualan perhiasan, saya benar-benar berusaha untuk tidak terlalu "baik" dalam memberi harga.. karena berat jujur untuk memberi harga pada setiap perhiasan yang saya buat, karena semua bener-bener handmade dan limited, idenya itu mahal sekali dan rasanya kalau terlalu murah kok kelewatan tapi kemahalan takut gak laku hehehe... tapi saya selalu mulai dari yang sedang-sedang saja, sudah balik modal dan dapat untung sekian persen aja udah lebih dari cukup dan yang penting sekarang adalah usahanya berjalan dulu. ahhahahaha... ada sebuah kalimat yang saya baca (lupa baca dimana), katanya mulailah dari harga terendah yang bisa kamu pikirkan, daripada awalnya harga tinggi lalu nantinya malah semakin rendah. jadi prinsip saya sih (mudah-mudahan kesampaian) dari harga yang sekarang nantinya bisa melonjak. AMIN!]

Regarding to the issue once my dad told me,it's not that i am trying to insult everybody who thinks that "working is my passion"
indeed i agree to certain extend that YES, working with company or anything deals with WORKING for someone, is not a bad thing to do or a wrong thing to do
it is correct
it is right
it is okay
trully okay

but i came from two different background
my dad, he once worked for someone but then he found that he enjoys the time working for himself, in other way he finally ended open his own business
which is good and which is apparently in my blood
my dad once did tell me, not to insult people nor to offend people, that people who work in a company, or work for other people equal to slavery, in a way that it's not a freedom to work for people, moreover the earning isn't as good as having own business (of course the successful one)

in a contrary, my mom has been working in company(s) for her lifetime
which is not bad as well, something i tried once and twice while i was doing my study, though it was as part time, i know exactly what does it feel like to work for people (for company)
well maybe it's not compared to what my mom feels hahahahah!

but anyway! i, myself prefer to work for myself, establishing something that is genuine and hopefully would bring goodness and happiness for people (for anything that i am aiming for)

so what have i done? i managed to think couple things i'd like to "build"
well i am not going to mention it now since i have this kind of weird belief that, everytime i share something i am planning, most of the time it ruins everything haha..
so let me dive in this matter by myself first, when everything is confirmed and done, i'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to share it with you all (:

so what i want to encourage people in this post is that there is actually a way to improving ourselves or even feeding our ego when our passion is actually in building our empire hehehe..

i know some people are just too afraid to take risk in reaching their passions and dreams.
as it is mentioned in my previous post, René Suhardono - Your Job Is Not Your Career
which is basically talking about how some people are scared to do what they want because of several issues that cannot be ignored (e.g.: family)
but really what can stop us from doing what we like even if we have a responsibility, great responsibility to feed mouths in the family? nothing.
if we are truly passionate about what we want, i believe the universe will 100000000% support you and make it comes true

so there's this article in
well actually the article is split in two pages (idk why they split it though), but i put it in one whole unity here

|Let's Start Our Own Business|

|maybe you are not satisfied with what you earn right now or maybe you still have spare time outside your main job? if you feel that, maybe you can start to think establishing your own business outside your main job.
we usually call it as side business. if you are currently part of money earner in the family, it means you have two sources of money. 
if this business grows bigger, you can choose to concentrate in your own business or hand in the managing to other people. so you can have more time for yourself meanwhile your income keeps going on.
so, own business can give you freedom and money. isn't it good? compare it to when you work for other people.
but establishing own business isn't that easy. at first, you have to purely involve in the business.
you have to plan the system, manage who you want to be helped with, how will the business keep going on, how to market it, etc.  
let's say, opening new business for the first time takes a lot harder work compared to when you work for people. but if the business is going well, you will slowly detach from it and let it flow by itself.|

[as for me, i do not have a solid job, as in i do freelance, part time, and self-project. so building a new business is entirely something i can do freely without really having doubt or fear or burden. isn't it good that this article also supporting people who are working as well as wanting to have their own business? see how tempting it is?]

|If You Want To Open Own Business|

|Now, what do you have to pay attention when you want to own a business?
1. Type of Business
Decide first what kind of business you want to establish. do you want to own small restaurant? or do you want to have accessory shop, or do you want to own a boutique? what if a souvenir show that sells cute things like cute glasses or such things? it could be, right? basically every type of business can be split into:

Rare/New Genuine Business 
Some of you might be having doubt when you are about to start a new business field that has not available yet or rarely be done. but it does not mean that you could not be success. Aqua for example. when the first time it was introduced, many people had doubt if it could be successful in the market, never before an entrepreneur selling bottled mineral water. even at first, so many mocked: is there anybody wanting to buy water that costs more than fuel? thus we can boil drinking water at home. but apparently Aqua gain success.

Already Available/Done Business 
You can also start a business that has been done so many times. if people were having doubt to start a new genuine business, in other hand, so many people were having doubt as well to start an already done business. for example, so many women are having doubt to open boutique, because there are so many of it around them.
actually, even if a new boutique opens, but if your items have advantages or uniqueness compared to your competitor, there's always a shot to succeed. not to mention a good service factor, even if this business has a lot of competitors, the chance to succeed is still open wide.

BIG boutiqe by seleb named Hughes for example, isn't that bad. because it has special uniqueness, which is only selling clothes that are made for women with extra pounds.|

[again, myself as example, i have been dealing with lotsa different things since i came back to indonesia. i did the jewelry thingy, i did different design projects, i even tried baking and cooking as a chance in earning money, and lately yes i have been developing the plan for THE big business. and i started from small thing, to make sure whether i could handle it or not and to make sure that i am responsible enough to handle my (small) business..
what i do is basically a mix of the two categories, i observe and research the already available business out there, and then i find their weaknesses to make it into a profitable my own business.
in example: my jewelry business. i did research and observe what happens in the market (both on the spot and online searching) and i jot down things that are lacking in each sections. for example, usually the jewelry design in the market (common shop) is too monotone, in such way that nothing is really special and myself, i like special thing designed for me JUST FOR ME, so what i did was i decided to hand-made my products and to make it limited, so people who buy it will feel special and not bother to meet other people and see the exact same design of jewelry as they are wearing, uhh i hate that, really! and currently i also planning the new and genuine business that has not been here in indonesia, at least in jakarta.]

|2. Location
Where would you like to open your business? in your own house? or do you want to rent a small venue by the street? or do you want to rent a shop? just don't forget that in some business fields, location plays a crucial role. you, yourself have to decide where is the perfect location for your business. once again, location plays an important role.|

|3. Customer
How do you get customer to purchase your products? or if it's a service business, how do you get your client? Will you start it by promoting it people to people? or will you make a brochure and distribute it door to door? some people whom i know, promoting their business by putting banner in front of their place. some are promoting by putting small advertisement in newspaper. or, why don't you put your ads in the internet? internet is proven as the best media in getting customer, though it might not all.
what's most important here is that you have to know first about how do you want to get customer or client from your business. if there is none, there is no sale. if there isn't sale, so your business isn't going well. as simple as that.|

[this is truly crucial, okay i do the jewelry in my house, think of publishing it online (facebook online shop and website), but apparently recently i need not to publish it online just yet since my products are almost sold out by distributing it to people :D *happy*]

|4. Worker
how many people will you hire? is there only you who works there? will you also work some people in your business? maybe it's good if you start by small numbers of workers at first. when your business has grown, you would probably need extra number of workers that you can hire.
it's good if you can hire your own family member. like your child (if they're qualified of course), or maybe your husband. by hiring them, unconsciously they will have a sense of owning the business as well. by having that, the support that will be given to you will be greater.|

|5. Fund Planning
many businesses are closed because they run out of cash. therefore it is important for you to calculate the initial fund which is good for you to have so that you can run your business. it'll be good if the money can fulfill all payments of the company for the next 12 months.
beside of that, what you have to do is that to make a cash flow for the next 12 months. cash flow is a calculation of what describes a probability how big the credit and income in your business. just like the capital, it is as important as to have cash flow for the next 12 months. by doing that, for the next 1 year, your business is hopefully will not be closed just because you run out of cash.

besides all of those things, there are other things you need to pay attention to, regarding to your trading style. there's a saying says, kind people have happy life. but in business, too kind can create obstacles. and indeed so many small business owners too "kind" in doing their business, such as:
- they are too give in to their customers
- they put an average price for their products and services they provide
- they are too kind-hearted and not firm to their workers
- they feel something is wrong, dirty or immoral if they get money, profit or chance
last but not least, the most important thing, one thing that should be in your mind before starting your own business is that: READY TO FAIL. plan your success, but also prepare to fail so that if you are really fail, you won't break down.|
[so here's the challenge,
- they are too give in to their customers
so me
- they put an average price for their products and services they provide
hahaha yeah it's me
- they are too kind-hearted and not firm to their workers
lucky me i have not had any workers yet hehe
- they feel something is wrong, dirty or immoral if they get money, profit or chance
hahahahahahha it's so me me me me!

i feel like saying "ouch" hahaha..
because i really can't deal with money thingy. if i could give something free, i'd love to hahahaha *moron*, but i try to learn from something small, like this jewelry business, i try so hard not to be "kind" in putting price.. because frankly it's tough to put price for every piece i make, because each of them is handmade and limited, the idea is so damn expensive and i feel when it's too cheap i feel worthless but if it's too pricey i'm afraid people won't buy it. hehehe.. but i always start from average price, when i get the capital back and earn few percents profit, it's more than enough and what's more important right now is that the business can go on first. hahaha.. there's a sentence i read somewhere (can't remember), it says, start from the lowest price you can think of, rather than giving a high price then lower it in the end. so my belief is that (hopefully it'll work) from the current price i have will go higher one day AMEN!]