Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Baru aja selesai booking tiket kereta api, sengaja pakai telepon rumah biar gak ribet in case ada kepentingan KAI via telepon, langsung ditelepon sama sales asuransi di TELEPON rumah.

I don't really understand where is the existence of privacy in this current world?
How can a form asks you to fill in the telephone or mobile phone number, and then it will MAGICALLY distributed to banks and insurance companies that I don't even have an account there.
It's really, mutilating the privacy of every single person exists on earth.

I think every sales in this country, should come with ID caller, I mean, each time they call, the owner of the phone has the right to reject if they don't need every credit card or insurance on this earth.
Like me.
Yes, consider me a caveman who doesn't need any of those material things.
So next year if there is another BLACK innovation award thingy happening again, I would create a thing called SALESMAN alarm alert device. To be attached to each single phone out there, for people who have precious time than to listen to their useless rubbish babbling about useless products.

I mean, seriously, one time.
This one time, I was driving rushingly to go to a meeting, I put on a handsfree just in case my colleague wanted to contact me to ask where I am. And because of this handsfree, I automatically accepted every phone call, because driving in highway means too busy focusing on the road instead of my phone screen just to check who is calling.
So this one really PAIN-IN-MY-EFFING-AS*-SALESWOMAN (PIMEAS) called.

As usual every sales comes with bullshit intro
"Hello I am PIMEAS from xxxx bank I would like to offer you a thankful gratitude promotion of blablablablablablablablablablablalballbalablalablblabla" (please, go to hellest hell)

And so I cut her out: "Please tell me what you want? I am driving, cut the nonsense."
And yet, I am sure because of her MUST-GIVE-BULLSHIT-NONSENSE-INTRO-AND-SWEET-TALK-NASTY-RUBBISH-TALK in the first place, she kept talking like a robot.
Creepy salesrobot.

She kept speaking her DIE-DIE-MUST-DO speech: "yes please allow me to give you a little bit info--"
and I snapped her off (because I was rushing for my meeting and I must bear in mind what I would like to present later on, I really don't have time for this stupid ignorant sales who has no idea about DO NOT PHONING WHILE DRIVING) "mbak! saya udah bilang saya lagi nyetir, bagian mana yang ga dimengerti kalau saya bilang to the point aja maunya apa, kalau cuma mau nawarin kartu kredit, saya ga butuh, makasih!"

and before i rampagely hung up the phone, she continued her babbling: "I just want to offer you blablabla"
and i threw my phone to the passenger seat.

I really wanted to tell her how stupid she is, but I really had no time.

I might sound harsh, but really, sometimes they're so stupid and don't the hell care about people's time and business.
And if they don't, so why should I?

There's another one when I was luckily sitting down watching tv, a salesman called. As usual he talked all the nonsense and got to the point 10 minutes after (because I put him on loudspeaker, so I could see the clock),
he wanted to offer me insurance policy, in which, I am a caveman, I don't need one.
So he insisted to ask me questions like which insurance do I use, and why, and he kept talking about his products.
So because I don't use any, I told him I have no insurance, yet he kept asking "what do you think about your current insurance policy, what do they cover?"
and I patiently told him, "mas, saya bilang saya gak pakai asuransi apa-apa."
and he miraculously asked again, "jadi asuransi ibu biasa menawarkan kelebihan apa?"

so I began very impatient, not because of the call, but because of his stupidity.
I said: "mas, saya udah bilang 3x kalau saya gak pakai asuransi apa-apa, klo mas mau tanya sampe bego kelebihan asuransi saya apa, yang budek itu mas, apa saya? saya ga pakai asuransi dan ga berniat pakai asuransi apapun."

and he said "tapi asuransi xxx punya kelebihan dibanding asuransi lain loh bu, di kami menyediakan blablablablablabla"

and so I felt like I wanted to poo listening to this stupid guy, I said: "mas, gausa cape-cape ngomong lagi, saya ga butuh asuransi. terima kasih."

So I hung up.

I might be harsh, but at least I know how to say Thank You, the least I can do.
For their stupidity and their ignorant.

And the most annoying thing they always say: "can I have your time?"
how can you ask for my precious sleeping time? eating time? pooping time?

I'd rather give my time for my pups or cats, or plants. anything but listening to rubbish.

Can people do smarter speech on the phone?
Or at least back to my idea, every sales come with CALLER ID, whether it's at home phone or mobile phone.
So I don't spend several minutes of my life yelling and cursing at people.
Seriously, stupid salesmen add several pounds of sins into my life.
It's irritatingly annoying.

And there's another sales that has a very strong and brave and shameless energy.
This one sales from Sinarmas, who keeps calling over my home phone and mobile phone, keep asking to speak to me, yet I pretend there's noone with that name in the house nor phone user.

It's really funny to see, how they are so persistent, even they offer their products to my maid (alright next time I will teach my retriever and my cats to answer phone so those salesmen will earn better salary by talking to more victims, YOU'RE WELCOME).
Or maybe I would speak different languages to see how they react. Maybe they speak alien language too, don't know.
Maybe they're one.
I shall be an honored predator to hunt each of their brains.

Their persistent attitude is to be bowed at.
I might offer standing applause when they keep talking on the phone.
Even, EVEN if they call the wrong number/people, they keep offering what they have.
It's like "hello, I have no shame, let me tell you this........"
And I'm like, "FAGGOT!"

I am sorry for I might be offending...or not.
I don't feel sorry, because those sales don't feel sorry for wasting my time.

I might be very rude and offensive.
A friend of mine telling me: "hey don't be so harsh, can you imagine if you were treated that way?"
Well no, because I will never be one.
It's not even an option.
I am not good at talking anyway.
The company will surely fire me within 1 month anyway.
But sometimes the timing is not right, and I am extremely pissed off when my data is being distributed without my permission.

Do people even respect others' privacy?
Phone number is privacy. It's a space where I, supposedly, able to choose who can intrude my space and who can't.

Remember those old days where getting someone's phone number is like digging gold?
Your crush.
Your eye candy.
Nowadays I guess to get my crush's phone number, I could easily sign for sales job and HUNT HIM DOWN!


But with this current condition, I don't have my own space.
It's like people can just step into my zone and they even have my banking data.

It's creepy.
It's like a cult.
I don't want to be in, but forced to be.

So what's the difference between those salesmen and those people who are religion or certain group fanatics?
It's the same.

People are so threatened by the existence of certain groups of religions or people who are DIFFERENT --well, if you know what I mean.
How can people not realize that this salesman activity is one of them?
They are creepily access all of our informations.
Name, phone number, even home address, bank account, insurance policy.

What will happen in the future?
I am too scared to imagine.
But seriously.
It has to stop.
This is not right.
And I am badly concerned.
I really feel uncomfortable by this whole thing.

Each time I ask those salesman, where do they get my number, they always say it's confidential.
Well f*ck you, if it's confidential, so why can you, who I don't even know, can access my phone number and know my name?
And I always tell them, if they can't tell me where do they get it, don't dream to get time to talk to me.

YOU, all telemarketer people are creepy.