Thursday, September 10, 2009

this girl is very lazy to tk a bath.. :)
January 21, 2008 ·

i know im too lazy to tk a bath..
well wanna share a bit bout today..

td gue ke kampus…
hari ini kelas drawing..
well i was supposed to bring a container filled with wet newspaper..
but then "dang" i forgot to bring..
i had prepared it a night before..
dengan semangat 45 gue beli koran(padahal biasanya ga perna beli.. hahahaha..) then gue beli water containernya..
tp gue lupa..
ah tidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakk..
then dengan panic gue sms tmn gue..
untung saja dia masih d rmh n bawain gue koran beserta water containernya..
thx jiali
gue ke art friend beli other stuffs yg emg kudu dibawa..
which are mesh frame, n kaen flannel…
mesh framenya gue beli mahal bgt..
mpe $7!

*well fyi.. mesh frame itu frame yg ada silknya.. biasa dipake untk silkscreen printmaking..*
smpe di kelas..
gue swt…
masa aja kata tmn gue katanya tuh lecturer gue blg ga perlu meshframenya..
katanya dia punya banyak..
cape2 mahal2 gue beli..
cabe deeeeeeeeeeeeeee…
tp untungnya pas uda mo akhir2…
meshframe gue kepake juga..
ga sia2 tuh $7 gue..
jadi td kita bikin kertas gt dr pulp..
malesin abis..
on the way back home..
i walked to the bus stop.. i was thinking bout sumthing..
maren2 ini gue ntn pelem korea..
judulnya seducing mr. perfect..
di film itu ceritanya si tokoh utama ce ini super baik sm co nya..
saking baiknya sampe dia dimanfaatin n dibodohin co nya itu..
co nya slingkuh ma ce laen..
pas ketauan..
co nya blg klo apa yg dia lakuin itu smua karena ulah ce nya sndiri..
well it doesnt seem fair to me..
then ada lagi co tokoh utama di pelem ini..
co ini blg ke ce nya..
because of her stupidity n kindness, all boys will see her only as a showgirl and treat her as a toy..
well im kinda shock…
all these time i oso thought tht by showing love n affection to a person i love will make him stay by my side..
well i agree that love is a game..
we must play it well…
tp apa harus kita jadi seseorg yg kita ga pengen?
di pelem itu..
si ce nya sumday jadi a completely different person..
she holds her head way up high..
shove away her kindness…
she does everything against her will…
n in the end?
she regrets it..
she feels so guilty for being someone tht she doesnt even like…
its very funny how sumtimes we think we’ve done enough for the one we love..
but for them..
what we have done is nothing at all..
so how to estimate what weve done is enough for person we love?
or at least equal with em?
ada yg blg..
katanya klo love itu is about giving…
ada yg blg juga klo love itu take n give..
tp ada yg blg juga love is about sacrifice..
how to make it balance?
nonton pelem itu bikin gue berpikir keras mana sebenernya yg paling baik dilakukan…
hold my head up high n ignore the fact that wht i do is pleasing myself only..
to keep my pride as a girl(woman?)..??
keep showing affection, giving as much as i can give to make person i love feel satisfied n pleased..
n to "keep" them be mine..???
or trying to make everything balance?
give as much as i can give and oso hold my head up high?
isnt it confusing enough?
im going to give deep thought bout it.. hahaha…
meanwhile im keeping my lovelife as usual…
as long as both of us happy, there’s nothing we can be worried about, rite vin? ;P

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