Thursday, September 10, 2009

gue bodoh..
October 14, 2006 ·

gue ngerasa suddenly gue itu bodoh, gak guna, dan smuanya kerasa ganjil..
hati gue suddenly ngerasa ga enak..
ngerasa ada yang ngeganjel di dalamnya,.
kayak penyakit yang gak bisa di sembuhin, kecuali sama ‘dia’
dan gue tau betul ‘dia’ gak bisa sembuhin..
Lord, tell me what should i do?
i don’t expect ‘him’ to understand, i juz need ‘him’ now..
i know how care he is
still i can’t accept what would be happened..
i torture myself..
but i doesn’t work..
my heart’s still hurt..
i can’t stand the pain..
it cuts like a knife..
i’m going insane..
i’m still confused..
i’m loosing my mind..
i can’t force what i want..
i can’t tell what i want to tell..
i lie to myself..
i blame myself for doing this kind of *hit..
i feel like he vexed me..
though it’s vice versa..
feel like he broke the heart of mine..
"he’s" too kind..
i’m feeling sorry for myself..
this juz a simple thing, but i make it worse..
all that i’ve done..
mean things, impolite words…
it juz..
it juz because i need ‘you’……………….

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