Thursday, September 10, 2009

would you think of me?
February 23, 2008 ·

Will I be worthy enough for you?
Will I be able to light your darkest part shines so brightly?
Will I be the one whom you look for when you’re lost?
Will I be the only person whom you think of every night just before you sleep?
Will you hold me close and tight when I’m about to say goodbye?
Will you keep me in your heart if I’m about to go?
Will you stop me from leaving you behind?
Will you pull me close when I start walking away?
Will you stand beside me and look me in the eyes?
Will you be able to stop me when I’m running from you?
Will you catch me when I fall?
Will you run after me when I run away?
Will I be the one who make you believe that love brings happiness?
Will I be the one who give love to you?
Will you make me stay forever by your side?
Or will you let me off?
Just like nothing happened between us?
Just like we were not meant to be?
Just like strangers?
I think about what you may think about me
I do
everything I want you do to me
But I guess it’s never been enough
I am
still alone
Alone by myself
So tell me what’s the difference between
unwanted and abandoned?
What’s the difference between being alone and
I guess there’s no difference being me and us
Coz to me, they do
the same
With or without you
I feel empty, unwanted, alone…
Want me
like you want me to want you
Stop me when I’m about leaving you
Run after
me when I’m trying to escape from your love
And hold me close when I say
That’s all that I want…
No less or more

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