Thursday, September 10, 2009

July 13, 2008 ·

What is it love for you that I don’t understand the way you thought about it?
I cry when you’re sad
I blame myself when you’re down
I curse myself when you cry
I even cry when you’re angry…
I laugh with you, with your friends
I respect them as I do for you
I help you with solutions, the best I can do…
I hold your hands when you’re shaking
I hug you tight and calm you down when tears fall from your cheeks…
I run to you when you ask me to
And I will even when you don’t ask me to
I look into your eyes and believe your promises and happiness you offer me
And when I’m dissapointed, I still put my trust in you
I smile for you when you ask me to
Even when my heart tells no…
But is it so hard for you to do what i do for you?
Am I asking too much?
Have I ever asked what you can’t do?
What you can’t fulfil?
I try to understand every demand you have, every single tough situation I must encounter and hang with it…
I always tell myself that maybe someday it all worth the sacrifices and everything I’ve done
That maybe someday you will understand the way I feel inside, not to forget the pain I try to heal myself
That maybe you will say, `thank you` for everything I’ve done…
That maybe you will show me how you appreciate me soo much for what I’ve done…
But I guess it’s just maybe….

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