Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Love is something beyond the grasp of my heart ability.

As someone always says that "love is something I'll never understand" 
Frankly it gets me thinking right now how it affects me so much 
Not in a bad way --it kept me wondering what is it that caused such statement exists?  

To be honest I am not that clever when it comes to love 
I always am dumbfounded. 
I don't really know much Im not an expert, far from it  
But I've been learning couple of lessons recently 
I learned that:
 1. Shit happens anytime, anywhere, from or with anyone. You just can't avoid it. But at least what you can do is to change your attitude. But then, it never gets any easier. Not, when it happens in between your great mood.  

2. Not everybody. I repeat, NOT EVERYBODY understands you. Seriously, even your closest people, Or shall I say friend(s) can easily misunderstand you. Or even I might say, don't the hell care about your feeling. Once At a time, occasionally happens: the closest people are ones who hurt you the most. Without they even realizing it. Thus, understanding yourself is the biggest reward you can give to yourself.  

3. You can never understand the art of giving when you never take anything from anybody. What I meant here is that how can you give something, anything, everything, when you never learn how to take it from somebody or other people? It's not about being selfish or self-centered, it is about the idea of appreciating what people have to sacrifice in order for you to grasp that that has to be mutual.  

4. You hurt others as much as they hurt you. It's not how you let people hurt you, it's bascically how you perceive what people do. To let or not to let is another level of understanding, in which I don't really see as something pivotal when you really care after someone, even their intention is not hurting you by all means, when you perceive it as a threat, it is. A different story when you don't the hell care about someone, seriously would you see their threat as something that even slit your most surface skin? I don't think so, you'd be safe and sound in your own skin. You see, eye for an eye.  

5. don't get involved in any chain reaction. Nah! I'm kidding. There is no way you can't get involved in any chain reaction relationship when you are connected to A B C D E F G, you name it. You know A in which he/she has issue with D And so on. As long as you're in e circle, there is no way you would stay out of the line. Even if you are, I don't think you don't get any impact, pretty much it gets on your nerve occasionally.  

6. People never change. Even if they do, I don't think it's something within your perimeter. I mean, so much you want someone to change according what you ink it's what best suits them, you'll eventually die in vain. People don't change, they just becoming alien. Like fairy tale, change doesn't exist. Not in human dictionary. I am not being pessimist, it's just the way human nature is.  

7. As much as you want to get what you want, as much as you can't. Love involves minimum of two something connected to each other. Which means, you can synchronize two different brains, hearts, ANYTHING into one. You can merely sync them together, but not with emerging.  

 I am not pretty sure that love is all to blame, i always believe, blame the people, not the game. 

Thus, if love is the game, whom should we blame after?  


If I have to rephrase it, my own statement would be:  
People, are bunch of individuals I will never understand.  

Because initially love is so simple that it embodies the idea of ABSOLUTE.  
What makes it complicated (according to our human brain) is actually ourselves. 
When we choose to embody the love itself, it is when we, are ones who complicate it. 

In addition of involving two, TWO individuals together.  
You see my point?  

DOUBLE COMPLICATION = absolute madness!  

Love losts its meaning 
Love losts its authenticity 
Love losts its idea 
Love losts people  

Therefore, it comes to certain point that people manipulates love.