Friday, September 11, 2009

"you have a nice hair" LOL.

today i went out with cindy.
i guess i can call today as a skipping class(es) day. (:
i did skip 2 classes..
i didn't feel like going..
i dont know why..
maybe because the sky is cloudy?
i guess not.
well maybe because im tired with a full and packed week i've been going through.

today we had lunch @lucky plaza, we went to ayam penyet ria
cindy had her ayam penyet with ice milo and lots of sambal haha..
and i had my baso bihun and baso penyet with nasi (i know i eat less lady like)

but hey im craving for indo foods ):

then cindy was looking for quilt and bed sheet.
so we went to taka, but we didn't find any, everything is so crazy expensive there..
then we went to metro @ paragon and she found what she needs
and i found what i (accidentally feel like i) need.. ahahha...
when she was looking around for "perfect" bedsheet, i was wandering aroung the children's toys area..
when i suddenly saw this amazing astonishing and brilliant toy, called play doh™. haha!!!!!
i saw this ice cream maker play doh and i was like. HELL THIS IS BRILLIANT FOR MY PROJECT STUDIES!!!!!!!!!!!
play doh™ is like an irresistible toy for me..
well maybe i was a crazy little kid who like to imitate everything using clay since i was young.
so whenever i see play doh™ and everything that can make artificial foods i will scream out loud and rush to grab as many as i could and go to cashier. hahahha...
(im sure my mom now knows why i insisted to buy many kinds of kitchen set toys when i was young and i insisted i want to boil water use real fire and it made her go crazy. hahaha)
i bought 2 types of play doh™.
the one is magic swirl ice cream shoppe™.
and the other one is the confetti maker™.
im so excited rite now really want to finish my meal and take a bath then experiment with my-so called-new toy.
well as "grown up", i feel like we will always have a child side in every of us...
we will always craze over "new toy" whatever it is. either our fave collection or anything. really, it could be anything! (:
i remember the first time my mom bought me play doh™ was because i insisted that i want that thing on TV.
that time ads showed the burger builder one. and i was like WHOAAAAAA.....
in the end my mom bought me one and i knew that it was quite expensive.
then i played with it cheerfully until i got bored. hahahahahha....
and if im not wrong, i ended up mixed all the doh together and it created yucky color and i ignored it, i came back to my old toys. well... kids are kids. HAHAH..
well then we did everything we want then we went home.
after i went home, i went out again to buy mineral water and meal for my dinner.
on the way back when i was walking towards home, a man passed by.
from quite a distance he smiled at me, and when he was getting near, his smile was getting wider and wider and his eyes (i felt like...) was going to eat me alive.. (LOL)
then when i tried not to look at him, he then shouted, "YOU HAVE A NICE HAIR"
i was like what the..........................................
a woman who happened to be walking next to me look at me and she looked disgust by what the man shouted.
i ignored the man and kept walking...

on the way, i was wondering what the hell was he after.
i came up with few possibilities...
1. he's originally nuts.
2. he's trying to get my attention.
3. it's simply just a compliment.

okay i will just stick with reason no. 3

but it was so hillarious that he suddenly screamed the words out loud.

well.. sometimes life needs a joke rite?
then it will be my joke for today (:

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