Wednesday, September 28, 2011

happy birthday

to you, somewhere out there
i have no courage to say it to you right away so i am writing this shit out of me

were once part of my life
were once the reason why i smiled, laughed, and cried
were once filled my day with joy and happiness
were once a beautiful mistake
were once so lovable and loving
were once reminding me of what a love is
were once the reason why i did things i did not normally did
and you,
were the greatest thing God has given me in my life
were someone i love the most
i am losing you
i am missing you
i am loving you, still

i know there is no way you would ever read this
but if one day you'll come across and have a miracle chance to read this
i want you to know, you are loved
so much by someone
in this world

i miss you so much
28092011 2400hrs

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


it's google's 13th birthday! (:
happy birthday google
you've contributed so much......for most of my research projects

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Jim Henson's 75 Birthday
Saturday, 24 September 2011

from today i'd like to post about google main page, i just think it's awesome how google manage to put different interesting stuffs for their homepage
super cool!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Freeblogging (intro)

i read an article about freewriting this morning, and it lead me to an article called freeblogging
so according to wikipedia, freeblogging is kind of freestyle-whatsoever type of blog you write to train a blogger's mind
you really don't care about grammatical error, random or abstract content, no link or anything
you just write write write whatever comes to your mind at that moment until you feel satisfied or enough

a minute i read bout it i thought "hey it surely would be fun"
so here i am, introducing what freeblogging is about and the next time i will write post with title FREEBLOGGING it's going to be a random stuffs i think about or anything comes to my mind at that moment, or certain issue with random content, surely it will be filled with grammatical errors, in which, i really won't bother to edit or re-edit at all, it's going to be a super raw blog post

stay creative and inspired, peeps! (:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Social Games

i know.....
people on facebook are fascinated over this particular game and i am so late haha..
but hey, it's better to late than never try okay? *grin*

so the game is a combination of annoying limited energy and the sims in general (building character, life progress, status, and housing)

so i chose the right gender (as usually i choose opposite gender with no reason, perhaps i am building my dream future man LOL nevermind)

later on i discovered that the prices of the items are ridiculously forcing you to buy cash......(i am tempted some times)
with limited energy and money issue (i usually use cheat for the sims HAHAHA)
certainly it is more similar to real-life huh?

the annoying part of playing this kind of social game is you really have to be social (i mean, act social) because you have to earn certain items that can only be earned through friend request and begging people on your profile wall

i am so not good in this area

so i am kinda slow in this game
see my house is not that big and fancy like my friends'

secretly i always wonder how come people have such pretty house and i am so SLOOOWWW in progress
i only have completed 6 out of 155 achievements
and my skills, oh boy, they're so average

well sometimes i don't log in facebook because i have to do this and that
but then once i logged in every single day for a week, yet it didn't make any significant progress
so i am confirmed so slow and lame in this kind of game

moreover, TASKS
plenty tasks to be done by several guests
adding annoying side of this game, the tasks aren't easy man
you have to beg for certain items

the higher your level, the difficult it takes to level up
so i am patiently waiting for my level up moment

and sometimes you get so bored waiting for your energy to be filled up
you have nothing to do but visiting every single friend in your list
oh boy......
maybe i am just simply lazy hahahahahaha
so sometimes i just quit facebooking and start to play the real the sims in my pc and joyfully build super huge and pretty house lalalalalalaa *cheat*

not to forget the planting part, where you can plant fruits and vegetables with amazing time management thingy
you know, the part where you have to wait for it to bloom and ripe, in which it'll get spoiled when you exceed the time limit *sigh*
that's why i am also lame in several time management game such as cafe world

well, i don't know if certain type of people can play certain type of game very well
i mean does it take a really social people to play these social games very well?
maybe it's true though
for me i prefer playing bingo or solitaire by myself
i am pretty good in non social games
you know, games that require no social activity
just rely on your personal ability and VOILA you exceed everything and become numero uno

it just proofs that different people acquire different ability (:

well anyway i have to check my sims social

Thursday, September 15, 2011

wish you were here

All those crazy things we did  
Didn't think about it, just went with it 
You're always there, you're everywhere 
But right now I wish you were here

forgetting things, people, event is easy
what hard is the process in between
what hard is when you are forced to do it.
what hard is while you are doing it, all of sudden all memories are flashing back like a hurricane
like a thunder
quick, fast, short
but unexpected and unpredictable

the unpredictable-wise is the most uncomfortable part of it

you don't know when the memory would come or go
you don't know if you pass the same street, way, road would you ever be reminiscing?
you don't know if you go to the same place, same coffee shop, same restaurant, same venue, would you be remembering?

avril lavigne - wish you were here

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I have been listening to the newest album of Foo Fighters : Wasting Light

the album itself if I shall say is basically still all around love
I sniff love and relationship (mostly twisted ones) in every single piece of (great) song in the album

which is true

"It turned into something that was a lot more full-circle conceptual. It just started to read like poetry." ~Grohl
the lyrics are somehow rhyming and smoothly flowing when you listen to each song
most of them are about trying to engage people in feeling the same feeling like what Grohl tried to evoke/present
the music, is a different one from the previous album in 2007 Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
in this album the music is pumping yet evoking your emotion badly like: you, in a karaoke room, want to jump all over the place and whip your microphone's cord all over the place and channel all your emotions, drain everything up and just be happy about it

"I was just kind of just channelling all of this energy that was going on around us." ~Grohl

Though he's clear (and happy) about the fact that his hectic life prevents too much reflection for "counting trophies," Grohl does admit that this project -- one of a new approach that is, in a variety of ways, intensely personal -- is especially gratifying. 

"I'm 42 now and I still feel fucking 26 years old. To sit down and look at the last 20 years is just a fucking trip." ~Grohl


well I am currently in love with this particular song: Back&Forth
long story behind why I listen to Foo Fighters again after so long, well to simplify: someone precious introduced me to Arlandria
at first I couldn't stop listening to it because it reminds me of that person but then I just love everything

so here is the lyric, go sing along with me and absorb the enjoyment!

Once upon a time I was somebody else
In another life, I saw myself
Way back then, back when I was you

Somewhere down the line I started to slip
Years gone by, biting my lip
All the while, all this time I knew

Now your on your own, one for the pages
Over the hill and through the ages
Does my heaven burn like hell on you?

Out beneath the cracks and coming in waves
Rolling like an earthquake under the pavement
Heavy now, tell me Mr.Truth

You got a lot of nerve
Now show a little backbone why don't you
[ Lyrics from: ]
I'm lookin' for some back and forth with you
Are you feeling the same as I do now and now and then?
I'm lookin' for some back and forth with you
Are you feeling the same as I do?
Down and out

Holding my breath I waited and waited
How'd the simple life get so complicated?
Shoes to fill, secrets to spill down you

Deer in the headlights, spoke in the wheel
You want pretend I need for real
I'm taking it back, all my IOU's

You got a lot of nerve
Now show a little backbone why don't you

You got a lot of nerve
Now show a little backbone why don't you
(Chorus x3)

source: Grohl (about) Wasting Light