Saturday, September 12, 2009

imperfection matter.

i may not be the nicest person you've ever met in your life
i may not be the sweetest girl you've ever found in this universe
i may not be as normal as you expected

i do often scream at you
i do shout at you
i yell at you

i often get angry
and i'm easily upset

i'm selfish and stubborn

i forgive but not forget

you know me exactly yet you're surprised by me sometimes

but you must know i never intentionally hurt you
i just often forget how delicate your feeling is
it's not that i don't love or understand you

i don't have the biggest heart to love you
i don't do sweet things to make you happy
i make you cry all the times
and i sometimes keep silent

i speak as i am
but again, i never meant to hurt your or any others' feeling

well maybe i don't deserve your love
then don't bother to stay
you say i don't change
well can you accept it?
coz if not then you can easily walk away...

i'm tired not because of you
but because of your lackness in certain things that i cannot tolerate sometimes
you expect me to change but you, yourself, never really do it

so tell me is it fair now?
or do you want to continue your silence and keep blaming yourself because i said so and let myself blaming myself because of what you have said?

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