Friday, September 11, 2009


Sunday, August 2, 2009 at 6:42pm

i wish i could make the L word into something i can let you touch and feel it
i wish i could let my feeling show as bright as your most favourite movie
i wish i could define your every touch into a word or a thing
i wish i could touch every memories i spend with you so i won't feel so alone
i wish i could rewind every sweet words you ever said to me
i wish i could bring you along with me in every step i take
i wish i could translate every feeling i feel and every single word in my mind into something you can feel

why do i have to go when i love you so much?
why can't i stay for a while?
why can't i have more time to spend with you?
why can't a year turns into hour?
why can't i scream out loud what i feel for you?
why do i doubt my own feeling in this right moment?

i was so sure that i love you more than myself
now i am not sure if i do

one thing i am sure is i know i don't want to lose you
no matter what it takes to keep you safe with me i'd do.
you know i'd do.
and i did.

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