Thursday, September 10, 2009

no i didnt shed a tear, coz its falling too fast, my dear.
September 6, 2008 ·

it’s only just 30 minutes until 12.00 am
it’s only juz few minutes til the new day
the day, where we, you and i, 458 days back then, met, and promised to each other that we would never be apart
no matter what,
no matter how difficult the task would be
no matter how many obstacles we would face in the future
then suddenly everything is changed
why do you have become someone that i don’t recognize?
why do you have to shattered my happiness into pieces?
am i not worth enough for you?
im starting to question, what am i to you?
i know this and am sure is not a goodbye
and i know this is not the end of our story
but yet, it’s painful, dear..
it’s hurting me
no, i’m not crying a single tear
and no, i’m not even holding a tear from falling to my cheeks
i’m just seeing them falling as fast as you left me behind
as fast as you abandoned me without saying anything
what have i done that makes you changed?
what have i not done that makes you dissapointed?
that makes you not you?
but, my dear, you know what?
no matter how hurt it is
no matter how small my heart torn into pieces
no matter how loud i scream i hate you
no matter how cold the way i talk to you
you will always know that i will always love you…
happy anniversary, my dear….

07.09.08 - 12.00am

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