Thursday, September 10, 2009

sometimes loving you needs more faith than i already have.
October 12, 2008 ·

if love is merely just about appearances and looks….
then tell me what do you call the feel that i feel for you right now?

tell me that i am naive..
tell me that i am blinded by love
but to me, love is not merely just about appearances and looks
how can you love someone when you judge that person by her/his outside appearance?
how can love that you feel when you love what’s on outside, not the inside?
how can you put a stamp on someone only from what you see from her/his?
isn’t it too easy to judge people by their looks?
when you think deeply and more…
that you, yourself is more than just your appearance, more than just your body?
you are what’s inside you
you are beneath your appearance
you are the soul
even soul doesn’t have looks and appearance
it’s what fills your physical body…
then if you think about that, how come it’s so easy to demanding someone else to change their appearance?
when you love someone, then love that person for who she/he is..
if you don’t like some of her/his features, why bother to love that person?
so who’s more naive now?
i really don’t understand why some people easily say that they don’t like other just because she/he lacks of this or that, or too much this or that……

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