Thursday, September 10, 2009

can you feel me in?
July 18, 2008 ·

you ignore me and turn your back at me, im fine with it
i talk to you but you never listen to me, im still fine with it
you never see me as something special in your eyes, im also fine with it..
i forced myself to smile though my heart aches, im fine..
you ask my opinion but never really listen to it, i guess im fine
you act as if im invisible, i guess im just fine..
you stare at me, but i don’t see myself in your eyes
you touch me but i dont feel anything, not like it used to be..
you said it was just because it’s not the right timing..
i guess im fine..
i tell you that i love you, but you stand still..
i hold my tears
i put my head down
i let them drop
i shed them
you never see them…
yes, you never see them falling..
i turn to you, i forced myself to smile
i know i must be looked fake, but i dont care
coz i know you dont even care either…
last time you told me how much you love me…
i believed in you..
one day you act like you love me too much, that you wouldnt be able to leave me..
but the other day you treat me like im not worthy enough to be loved, like i dont even there..
tell me what do you feel about me?
tell me what should i do to make you treat me like those days when you love me too much….
i never ask you to provide me everything i want..
i never expect for 24 hours conversation..
i never ask for 7-day dating..
i never ask you to call me everyday..
i never ask you to sms me everytime..
i never ask you to treat me nice and sweet everytime we meet and date..
but dont make those as a reason for you to take things easily..
can you just feel me in just a little?
can you take a minute to try feel what i feel inside?
to be like me?
to find the reason behind my tears today?
to find why i hold my tears?
why i forced those smiles?

Tapi cobalah sejenak mengerti
Bila rasaku ini rasamu
Sanggupkah engkau menahan sakitnya
Coba bayangkan kembali
Betapa hancurnya hati ini kasih
Semua telah terjadi

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