Thursday, September 10, 2009

my alien landlord.
October 10, 2008 ·

pernah ngekost, tapi ibu kostnya makin lama semakin menggila dengan keedanannya?
that’s what happening to me…
ibu kost gue dari awal gue disini, manis2 banget..
kek kembang gula digulain lagi…
abis itu makin lama, gue ga ngerti napa attitudenya makin banyak problemnya…
ive no idea, it’s whether she’s money oriented, or maybe she did travel to the outter space then kidnapped by the alien, so that she’s able to change to be both an alien n a human now…
tapi perubahannya drastis..
sekarang dia jadi dingin..
(okay, gue hiperbola sedikit)
tapi sekarang dia kejam, dia mata duitan bgt..
im starting to be dissapointed by her time by time..
mule dari dulu tiap gue balik sini dia ga sdiain kamar gue..
ato dia kontrakkin kamar gue ke org laen pas gue liburan padahal gue bayar full saat itu…
ada lagi waktu obat ma cable printer gue ilank dia gamau responsible for it..
padahal obat itu penting banget..
dan gue finally harus beli adaptor printer gue seharga $175 padahal itu bukan salah gue sama sekali……
trus ada lagi waktu gue uda stay sama yuan disini, dia makin menjadi, naekkin harga kost ga kira2…
uda gitu kamar selalu ga ada wkt gue balik, alesannya gue ga kasih dia kabar..
padahal jelas2 gue wkt mau balik indo sms dia, kasih tanggal gue balik..
still she doesnt want to be the one to blame…
crazyy sia!
tapi peaknya akhir2 ini…
waktu tgl 29 september kemaren (gue biasa bayar kost tiap tgl 20)
dia tiba2 panggil gue..
bilang kapan gue bisa bayar kost, dia bilang gue uda telat 1/2 bulan..
(klo dia bisa ngitung, itu baru telat 9 hari)
abis itu dia bilang klo bisa besok bayar…
(gila, dia pikir gue dengan gampang kluarin duit dr saldo bank gue! walo gue tau itu buat kost gue, at least give me time to talk to my parents dong dong dong)
abis itu, what i did was i didnt pay the next day..
with many excuses(as she always gives me….)
gue baru bayar hari ini..
dulu ibu kost gue ga gituuu..
ive been staying here for 2 years n more..
this is the first time she seems so afraid tht i wont pay for the rent fee..
maksudnya apa coba?
previously she promised me to find me another room(she forced me to move to this new building, as an excuse that she didnt have any room for me in the old building)
then now im stuck here…
though im starting to enjoy here..
but still..
it’s very dissapointing to face the fact that she is so irresponsible in taking care of her duty as a landlord..
even juz now i wanted to pay the rent fee..
i went down there n she was busy with stuffs, didnt even say a single “sorry” that she kept me waiting there…
(it’s a matter of etiquette!)
well now im getting used to her…
im planning to move out from this hell soon…
well i hope i could find a better place somewhere…
n btw, she fought with person when i was there juz now..
when someone asked her what happen, she simply said it was not her fault that the person she fought with doesnt get the room here in this building..
it’s because other’s fault…
from what i get is that she is the kind of selfish person who doesnt want to get blame….
its a pity coz i lost my respect already…..
im so damn dissapointed..

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