Thursday, September 10, 2009

why can’t you fill me in??
September 24, 2006 ·

no matter how many times you say those words..
words that hurt me..
words that make me cry..
make my tear’s falling down…
i will always accept it as my bliss..
hoping and praying someday you will understand why words could be so painful
your words hurt..
but you keep saying it..
without trying to shed my tears..
without trying to wash my pains away..
i cry alone many nights..
do you ever care?
i’m not an extraordinary girl..
i’m just an ordinary girl..
i bruise easily..
i cry when you cry..
i smile when you smile..
then why don’t you do the same thing for me?
i can cry when i’m hurted..
i juz…
i’m getting tired of pretending tough..
i dream a world where you understand…
but it disappeared when i wake up..
i’m lacking inside..
i’m dying inside..
we have shared many times together..
good times..
bad times..
all are sweet and beautiful..
but everything turns into a cloud when you do me wrong…
it seems never enough for you…
to make me fall on my knees and begging you for a move..
to make my tears fall..
to make me sad..
i wish i could say "i don’t love you no more.."
but i juz..
i can’t..
the more i hate you..

the more i’m sad..

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