Friday, April 5, 2013

Good day to be a tiger.

People,You can never change the way they feel,Better let them do just what they will,For they will,If you let them,Steal your heart from you,People,Will always make a lover feel a fool,But you knew I loved you,We could have shown them all,We should have seen love through,
Kissing a fool, eh?
People, people tend (notice that I don't use the word 'always'?) to give score according to what's on surface.
To what they see, they feel, they think, and they experience.
But can we really give score about others just by those things?

People, see us, see me, see you, merely by what we wear, how we behave, how we speak, how we tell stories, how we talk to each other, how we think -referring back to 'how we talk to each other', how we act, how we eat, what we eat, what we have, who we are with.

But is that really?

What about what we do during late at night in our room alone?
What about the sobbing?
The crying?
The mourning?
The worrying?
The saddest things we feel?
Our anger?
Our disappointment?
Our pain?
The hurt?
The tears?
The broken heart?
The struggle?
The surviving mode?
The fight?
The battle?
Everything that you or anybody else cannot feel?

Your empathy does not make you better than I am or anybody else.
Your sense of logic does not make you any greater.
Your super power of feeling hurt and disappointed and betrayed does not make you any better person.

Everybody has been hurt before.
Greater pain or better recovery does not make us better than anybody else.
Everybody had their own battle in life.

You cannot simply judge, "Oh she's...." or "Oh I bet he is...."
just by words you hear, or things you think it's true.
Because nothing is truer than our own self in this entire universe.
That what makes human beings are such selfish bitches.
Yep, we are selfish bitches.
I admit that I tend to judge people simply by what they're wearing.

Example, who wears super mini skirt and super tower heels and all make up early in the morning at the airport to local destination?

First reaction: BIMBO.
Second reaction: meh, still bimbo.

I am sorry but that's reality.
I am a bitch just because I can. (:

But then who knows what she went through earlier that day? or the night before?
Maybe that bimbo woman encountered something shitty?
Maybe it's her way showing her tough side?
Maybe it's her way fighting her battle?
Inner battle?
You never know...
If you have judgement, just keep it to yourself.
Social media is not a good place to spread your inner selfish bitchiness.
But then, who am I to tell people what to do, right?

For what I know, social media is PERSONAL WAY of showing what we feel, see, touch, EAT, think, etc.
But then it does not mean you can spread your stupidity to the world.
I mean, do you want to look stupid?
Of course not.

Because best quote ever is:

A tiger does not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.

You can give stupid opinion.
Well, unless you want to be a sheep.......?
Give smart opinion and be a tiger (: