Monday, June 21, 2010

ariel - luna maya - cut tari

yea so i was signing in my msn this morning and while the msn today popped up i saw the latest news about these 3 celebs in indonesia

i was so WOW that it seems that the case becomes more complicated and publicized a lot more than when i was in indonesia a week back

some news say that a paparazzi was being hit by ariel's car, luna maya keeps quiet and refuses to have a conversation with public, farhat abbas as the chief of human rights insists the law to make these 3 celebs as main suspects but the other news says that he, as the CHIEF will give help to pardon these celebs to the public IF they claim that the videos are theirs

I MEAN WTF??!!@$#$#$

seriously people..
what makes all of you whom judging them so pure and sinless that you have right to judge them like you do?
they are also humans and they have feelings just like you and me
have you ever pondered what would it feel like if you were them?
people are just wanting to have fun and be happy on top of others' problem, difficulties, and sadness

are you some kind of cold-hearted society or what?

im not writing this to defend anyone..
im here to say what i think and what i feel about

i just dont think it's right when people judge these celebs just because they do something that IS NOT PLEASANT FOR YOU

banyak ibu2 di indonesia klo lagi ada road show sinetron tertentu beneran cubitin dan pukulin pemeran antagonis nya..
gue rasa orang indonesia udah terlalu ga bisa memilah mana reality mana fiktif....
a lot of housewives in indonesia whom come to certain soap opera road show, they often pinch or hit the antagonist character in the movie as if they were really really bad in the reality as well
i think indonesians are too ignorant to see which is reality and which is fictional...
its so wth!

i just think sometimes public society and paparazzi are too ignorant to THINK
that celebrities are also human and they have flaws and sins and feelings just like we, you, i are

yes it is true that paparazzi needs them to make stories, money etc and so do the celebs
it's a mutual
YET sometimes paparazzi cross the border to far away that the celebs become nuts and mad about it and they begin to cross the line as well

for example

ariel's car hit the paparazzi until she cannot walk and she needs to be hospitalized
and then whom to blame?

if this particular paparazzi didnt cross the line and she could just be sympathize with ariel's condition and just spare his weary heart, this situation wouldnt be happened at all


if i were ariel i would do the same thing as well..
seriously even if im not a public figure..
if someone keeps following me to just emphasize or drag me into the same mistake i did and to just publicize it, i'd just go mad and hit everyone in front of me..

it's human nature
it's just a way to escape, to defend ourselves
to protect one self

i feel sorry for these 3 celebs
and i hope people can slowly pardon them for what they did
because i know that it's not all 100% their own mistakes

this thing wouldn't happen at all if there's respect and LOVE among human race

i hope luna maya is and will be able to cope this situation and be strong and be tough!
cheer up girl! (:

(hey i used to not paying attention to her tho :D)

and for ariel, please go to the best and nearest psychiatric and get a remedy for your problem
stop making videos okay?

and please people...
stop judging them....
use your brain and heart to feel and get a better understanding with what they feel
they are human
they have flaws
they make mistake

if anyone of you out there pure and sinless enough, go ahead make a step, you can just shout that they are suspects and they are wrong and need to be punished severely

because i don't think it's fair for them to feel and get this kind of public punishment

but once again im not here to defend any party.
i just feel sorry for these 3 celebs and hope they are tough and strong enough to face this


Sunday, June 20, 2010

how thankful i am.


perhaps that's the only word that can describe what i really feel right now.

but wait.
no... not completely.....

human's feeling is so funny that i feel blessed and screwed up at the same time

so should i smile or................. be crabby about this issues?

well first of all good thing always comes first eh? haha..

so i feel blessed because this afternoon when i was kind of officially "sign off" from the choir
the group gave me this goodbye gift which was so unexpectable



so yea, i nearly cried when i was reading the written text on this crystal ball thingy, which is


okay it's not merely SWEET but it's also the best non-solid (can i say it non-solid? haha) precious gift and moment has ever given to me

i mean....
sometimes words are really the strongest sword, in this context, to penetrate someone's a good way
hahaha i shall say it's touchy and sentimental~
and i loved it!!!!!!!
i heart sweet words and sayings hahahaha
no, not the cheesy ones ever! :p

so yea...
i am really surrounded by wonderful and nice people!
i love you guys so much
God bless~


the other thing that happened today was
this particular person who was about to be the next tenant whom will replace me after i leave sg, called off
and yea, he postponed the payment of the deposit for 2 days
WITHOUT any confirmation

well people, seriously
if you want/not want something, tell the other party about your decision
DON'T WAIT for them to look for you and chase you around
cmon it's an adult life
youre no longer a kindergarten child who needs a guardian or at least someone to tell you what to do

and i bet one day in your life if you keep this nasty habit of yours, im sure one day you'll meet someone who is as nasty as you and he/she wont give a damn about any excuses and will crush you into several small pieces which im sure a bird wont be able to pick any of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

man im so pissed and upset bout this kind of person
so irresponsible

so sorry i dont give damn about your excuse
but at least let me know if youre cancelling
so i could find other people who really are interested in my place so i dont waste my time dealing with person like you

man............................... HORRIBLE!

seriously people..
learn some manners and etiquette!

coz if i can do it, why can't you??

Friday, June 18, 2010

this is life.....tough life..

Dan aku terhenyak
Dan sejenak aku tertegun
tidak.... lama aku tertegun

betapa miris rasanya.....
di kota besar dan "sukses" seperti ini
masih ada orang yang benar-benar membutuhkan barang-barang bekas dari orang lain

dan aku sungguh terhenyak oleh kenyataan bahwa masing-masing negara pasti punya sebuah luka gores kecil walau sehebat apapun tebalnya keindahan yang menutupi luka itu

dan aku sungguh-sungguh merasakan perihnya
merasakan bagaimana rasanya bisa memberi orang lain yang benar-benar membutuhkan

aku selalu tahu Bapa tak pernah diam, Bapa tak pernah berhenti mendengar, Ia tak pernah tidur
pakai aku jadi alatmu......
pakai aku untuk mengukir senyum orang lain
pakai aku untuk membahagiakan orang lain...

dan aku tahu...
walau kecil, walau tak seberapa...
untuk orang lain akan bermakna sangat sempurna....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

if i could be the last nicest person standing on earth, i'd take a chance to do it.

i feel so emotionally drained and moody lately...
ever since i lost my bb, it seems like i've been turning upside down..
the blood gets clogged in my head......not in brain

i am aware that i am insane and perfectly okay
but in one second i can be so emotionally bursting out and my mood swings all of sudden

so, no....i am not okay.....i guess?

i hope it is just a temporary effect of learning new lesson in life
that world is cruel (hey i knew it since long time ago: but heyyy i never learned!)

so yes..
world is cruel
people are cruel
life is cruel (well depends on which point are you looking at?)

in conclusion world is cruel, everything is cruel nowadays
yes if you are so kind and nice......................................and careless HA!

well i guess what i am muttering about is just a normal, plain, so called ordinary issue that is happening in life

but wait.......

sometimes plain, normal, ordinary, and even small issue is the one that people always ignore.....

have you ever noticed, how many kind-hearted person you met today?
how many nice people who would happily help you out of some troubles without aiming for something for the rest of your life?

and how many times have you done that to other people until now?

it's tough, it's difficult to answer....
i know... because i feel that myself has not helped enough along these times....
i still often do stupid mistake or unconscious/consciously making other people sad, mad, angry because of what i have or not done..

i don't know really much about this world, no.

but i know one thing for sure because i've been through this before
and this one thing is, whenever you help somebody whether they ask for it or not, the joyful feeling that overwhelms you afterward is much more rewarding than any money in the world!

seeing people smile because i helped them so much is more valuable than anything and i'd gladly do that everytime!

but i always know, God never sleeps. no He never does

i know i've been a fool for many times, many years........
i know people might have used me because i am naive and clueless and careless
yes i know, i am aware of every single foolish acts i have been doing for the rest of my life

but what is so wrong for being nice and kind-hearted if it does make me happy and joyful inside?

and if i can do it, why can't other people?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

indonesia tanah air beta~

.....and everything comes to an end

and i have been staying and studying in singapore for 4 years and i guess now is the time i go back to my home town, my beloved country

there are so many contradictions, pro and con about me having this decision to go back to indonesia
some say that job offers are much better here in singapore, some say that indonesia is a definitely best place to explore art


i shall say YES to those who say that money and job is much more better here in singapore compared to indonesia... but whom am i trying to satisfy? myself? or other people?

people will always demand something for us and as if our lives are part of theirs..
well i dont say it's a bad thing but i know somewhere, somehow, i am able to reach my own beautiful goal and success..
and to reach that, i do not need peole who bring me down
i can stand on my own feet i shall say

i dont want to become a selfish and arrogant by saying that i don't want to work in a company/office like others do.
i dont see it as bad thing but i dont see it as good thing for me as well
well i have plenty options to choose, arent i right?

it's obvious that i need a monetary support to practice my art but i know somehow i can find a way, other way to succeed

sometimes am tired to answer question "when are you going to work?" or "what is your next plan?" just to hear the same thing from different people all over again

i do understand that getting job is the top priority in this life but just like uya kuya mentioned in today's show "hidup adalah pilihan jadi jangan menghakimi satu sama lain"
i trully believe that each of us has different path in earning success
it's a matter on how we want to pursue it in our life

ngomong-ngomong uya kuya
hari ini yang di hipnotis bencong dan ex-bencong
and i was quite fascinated by the fact that sometimes, those kinds of people are better than us, the so-called "normal"or shall i say ordinary people?

kalo bisa komen sih orang-orang begitu menurut gue jauh lebih beradab daripada yang ngaku2 manusia normal
emang di dunia cuma ada laki-laki atau perempuan
tapi coba dipikir lagi....
kadang kita suka menjudge apa yang orang lain lakuin/gak bisa lakuin karena kita sendiri belum pernah merasakan apa yang mereka rasakan

bisa jadi.....
orang-orang yang ngomong sama koar-koar kalo banci itu cuma manusia laknat dan sebagainya, menurut gue udah menjudge banci sebagai makhluk yang seharusnya ga Tuhan ciptain
tapi toh buktinya mereka nongol di muka bumi ini dan banyak dimana-mana
walau case nya beragam, dari yang dari berojol ke dunia uda memang begitu atau karena banyak alasan jadi mau berubah menjadi banci aja...
tapi regardless apapun alasannya, ga ada alesan buat ngejudge mereka atau memilah-milah mereka itu ciptaan yang layak/gak...

simplenya, mereka sama2 berbentuk manusia, ada kepala, badan, tangan kaki dll yang menurut gue adalah jelas termasuk cerminan Tuhan juga.. seperti apa yang ditulis di Alkitab bahwa Tuhan menciptakan manusia menurut rupa dirinya

sekarang begini aja..
andai dari dulu manusia dikategoriin jadi 3 macem, pria wanita dan banci, jelas ga akan mungkin kejadian banci dijadiin momok cemoohan orang kan?

sebenernya ga masalah mo dia ga normal atau ga layak hidup atau ga masuk ciptaan Tuhan, asal sesama manusia bisa hargain satu sama lain, ga akan ada yang namanya hal-hal buruk terjadi
sayangnya makin kesini, makin bertambah waktu, gue merasa moral dan etika orang bukannya makin baik malah makin ancur, makin parah.....

jarang gue liat ada orang nabrak atau lakuin kesalahan trus otomatis minta maaf...
biasa malah sibuk pelotot2an.....
kasarnya bisa dibilang emang "KALAU MAAF CUKUP, GA ADA KANTOR POLISI"

mungkin klo gue ini jadi pencipta segalanya yah, gue sulap aja semua jadi masa purba deh...
minus dinosaurus...
abisan manusia jaman sekarang kok yah jahat nya ga ketolongan....
mending klo jahat ga nimbrungin sesamanya..
ini udah jahat, melibatkan orang lain yang ga salah apa2 trus biasanya orang jahat itu jelek loh.....
(mengutip kata bokap gue aja deh..... yang kemaren ini lagi ngobrol nyeletuk "biasanya orang jelek itu banyak kejelekannya loh")


earlier on this day, i went to church as usual for choir service and i did talk to the sopranos leader that i will be going back to indonesia for good by the end of this june
and i felt a slight tears in the corner of my both eyes
these 4 years have been great
people come and go in the choir but some are permanent residents of the choir loft which make me feel sad about leaving them

the choir in singapore is very different from indonesia which makes me feel horrible leaving them

but i gotta do what i have to do

maybe i'll find a good choir group that suits my style in indonesia and i am so sure i will! (:

2 more weeks is kinda fast i think
but yeah here i am so ready to leave this lion city and begin a new page of life in indonesia!
wish me luck people! (: