Friday, October 21, 2011

Google #3

it's Mary Blair's 100th birthday
friday, 21/10/2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

tribute to Jacko

people often ask me "why don't you breed your pups?"

my answers are relatively emotional-wise such as: "i will cry if i let go of my pups" or "i can't take them for granted" or "dogs aren't commodities"
or anything similar

from what i have experienced or observed throughout years of my life having dogs, i seldom see dog owner who really love their dogs
no, really, dogs are animals with high intelligence who can feel human emotions and feel sad, happy, lost, etc.

in my neighborhood, 90% of the dogs are "babysit" by maids
seriously how can you let your maids do YOUR responsibility in walking YOUR OWN dog(s)?

i even met maid who TRAINS her owner's dog

as a dog owner, you are THE ALPHA, you are your dog's master
when you ask your maid to take care of your beloved dog(s), you only let yourself be a sidekick, A MERE SIDEKICK, A BETA
and then you expect your dog to behave? YOUR WISH

i get mad or upset easily when i hear dogs die because of their owners' careless acts

you cannot simply BUY or OWN a dog and FEED him or provide beddings, etc.
you have to train your dogs, teach them, be their alpha

when a dog acts weird it means millions possibilities: it can be ill, sad, or can be anything else

but then if you don't know your own dog, don't ever expect yours to respect you as their owner

i always feel sad whenever i see pet shop, pet exhibition, whatever related to pet that does not meet proper requirements
the seller stacks bunch of cages, mix everything from cat, dog, monkey, bird, hamster all in one small cubicle
imagine if you were those animals
stress level must be super high
and i am sorry i won't buy those stressful animals
stressful animals can act horribly awful when you bring them home
especially dogs with high stress level
they might harm you or your other family members (other animals at home as well)

moreover in the middle of drizzle or heavy rain or in the night puppies are fragile to low temperature
i always see shaky pups in the cages
how on earth can human beings with highest brain level ever do that?
at least FEEL

but then when it comes to COMMODITY, only money matters the most

people always ask for HUMANITY
so what about ANIMAL RIGHTS?

as for me, a dog is my family member, not merely my pack of team
a family member, a best friend, a buddy, an everything

i lost my 13 years dachshund last Sunday
he departed in my arms
i miss him so much
nothing really can measure the depth of pain i feel every single day i breathe
it's just hard

but then i know it's the best for him
he no longer feels pain
he is happy now for sure
he is back to his creator
he is in heaven
he is watching me all the time
he is beside me all along
he is here, with me, forever

the best part is no more goodbye (:
one day i'll meet him again in heaven

so long buddy! (: love ya!