Wednesday, May 4, 2011

porn. soft porn. hard porn. porn?

came across this article, about how movie should be a cheap education for society from VIVAnews
i immediately wanted to ruin all the glory of the article

as we know, or some people don't know that the nowadays movies in cinema, in Indonesia are most likely going back to the era where local movies were about action, sex, mystical, and sex.
BUT it was the era where cinematography was known for those issues
we know that people will always produce something that give them a lot of kaching! Rp Rp Rp
we can't deny it

but nowadays as we know, the quality of our local movies are mostly crap
but it happens as well in other countries
trust me, B-rated movies are everywhere not only here in Indonesia (just an eye opening info)
but what i concern the most is the frequency and the QUANTITY of those kind of movies all over the cinemas
like WTH do i want to watch all of those everytime i need a relaxation, an escape from daily routines?
do i have to escape myself to enjoy soft porn?
why don't i just go watch real porn instead?

it's not that i never watched any of them
i watched almost all controversial local movies (only those with controversial celebs in it)
you name it!
Paku Kuntilanak, Suster Keramas, Arisan Brondong
as we know in Paku Kuntilanak we see things we should not see in a cinema
in Suster Keramas we know how tempting it is to Google Rin Sakuragi afterward
in Arisan Brondong of course we are fascinated with Heather Storm (againn after Paku Kuntilanak) and also another beauty from Japan, Erika Kirihara
I immediately Googled all of those names after i watched the movies
just to acknowledge what they are doing in daily life

and i bet all of the people inside the cinema did that

so what can we get from those movies?
a new knowledge about who's in porn industry?

and not enough to fulfill my personal curiosity i YouTubed millions local movies
and my simple opinion: ALL ARE THE SAME.
same style
same storyline
same meaningless
same idiot perfromance

even a kindergarten student can do better than the actresses and actors

i barely found a semi-good local movies with HORROR/THRILLER genre

if you really want to go stupid, make something like SCARY MOVIE the series
don't do semi-idiot or trying-to-be-funny movie
at least i can burst into laugh watching SCARY MOVIE the series
you can be stupid but don't go all the way stupid
make something enjoyable
at least for boring people

it's fine, perfectly fine to explore the beauty and sensuality of the actress, but at least balance it with good storyline, good performance, and good meaningful story
it's as if i watch a movie consists of an action scene but while the battle is on, suddenly i watch a sex scene and then goes back to the battle scene

then it is becoming nonsense when the genre, that should be thrilling, becoming ridiculous with stupid title like POCONG MANDI or KUNTILANAK KESURUPAN
doesn't make sense at all!
yes you can claim that ART doesn't make any sense
but i shall remind you there are 2 types of art: GENIUS ART and CRAPPY ART
and so sorry to say those stupid lines are just stupid badly created piece of junk

trying to intrigue but it is an epic fail!
i'd rather go for something funny all the way like ARISAN KUBURAN
stupid but at least make a slight sense and go figure what's in it

so the existence of these kind of movies
are they actually money oriented?
or do we really like them?
our society love them so much that they keep producing it?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

royal wedding.

oh i know i'm kinda late discussing this issue right now
but that's not exactly what i'm trying to discuss here

when william&kate held their ROYAL WEDDING last time, my twitter timeline was flooded with people cheering for them and admiring their wedding blah blah whatsoever
okay so what?

they aren't my relatives
i only know them as people, portrayed in media
that's all

so what makes people are so crazy about it?
esp. women

okay so we are happy for them, that should be enough
no need all fancy dreams of princess-like wedding
fairy tale whatsoever

people, really?
women, really?

do we need all that?

in my point of view and opinion, their wedding is merely just a normal humble wedding like any other wedding celebration/reception in anywhere in this world
what makes it so ROYAL is merely how people see that they come from royal family, moreover it is all over the media
that's all

see how they celebrate their wedding, from church to "home"?
what makes them different is only the term "royal" and their so called "unusual" home

to look beyond it, imagine, being kate, you have to prepare everything one year in advance
etiquette lesson, a must DIET, everything must be perfect
you can't do this, that easily
you have to act well
you have to "fake" everything

if you really is a fan of dreamy royal wedding, go ahead try it

for me, in my own opinion, my dream wedding isn't anything near that ideal

wedding is only once in my entire life
being with people i love the most and who love me so much
being with a man of my life
and i want it to be so special

that i don't have to change myself nor my identity

that's absurd and crazy!

the context of what's royal, what's in, what's cool, and what's so great in our mind is only shaped by society and media
we are shaped by it
thus we see everything according to what society/media told us

admit it

there is no fairytale in this real world
except in movies and books and in your dream
it is okay to dream
it is okay to plan your wedding as close as fairytale like
but to be so nuts about the royal wedding as if it was part of your life?
oh puhlease... exaggerated and overrated!

not that i envy, why would i do that?
not a slight feeling
i'm happy for them but that's all

just because it looks tremendously amazing and beautiful in the surface, it does not appear to be that splendid in reality
well i guess we have to start appreciate what we have in the first place
i bet even our president's son's wedding wouldn't affect people so much
funny, when we should really appreciate it first then the world will start to appreciate us

it comes back to the fact that most people i know, they aren't proud of being INDONESIAN
are you?