Thursday, September 10, 2009

you devastate me.
November 3, 2008 ·

i thought for a second, “this is silly and its not supposed to be like this”
simple thing leads to bigger and bigger problem
i wonder what have i done or what i have not done that makes everything become like this
i ask myself, how could i be so blind
i didn’t see it coming
i didn’t see it occuring
and now i am devastated
i am broken
i am shattered
moreover i am spoiled
spoiled just like i let the glass falls and breaks into pieces
that’s just how my heart feels like right now
i am in pain and i am not okay
why should have you done this to me
i purposely admitted that i was wrong
i hope somehow you realize that you are hurting me so much
but i guess you don’t know and you never will
i feel this pain alone and i will enjoy it alone too
i crawled to the darkest corner so you won’t see me
i hid there so you won’t see my tears fall everytime i close my eyes
my question is, will you ever find me?
or should i hide here forever without you knowing that the pain is growing stronger?

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