Thursday, September 10, 2009

i know yet i act like its never happened before.
September 14, 2008 ·

i know sometimes loving you is the hardest thing to do
i know that loving someone like you is sometimes hard to do
i even know that you are you
but yet sometimes i feel so tired, so weary
i must have known that this is the path that i had chosen
this is something that i must go along and live with
but it’s just, im getting tired with all of these stuffs sometimes
it’s off and on.. off and on.. off and on….
maybe ive been doing too much
maybe because im easy, you take me for granted
maybe you just dont know how to treat me or show that you care
but this is me, this is who i am
who always try to make you happy
who always try to sacrifice anything for you
who always try to satisfy you
who always try to comfort you
i even cry with you when you’re sad
i laugh for you when you’re happy
i congratulate you when you’re the winner
i cheer you up when you’re sad
i hug you close when you cry
i apologize sometimes for no reason, just perhaps it makes your heart feel lighter
i always try to keep you up high in the sky, so i can watch you from the ground below you
i always stay awake to see you finally fall asleep, and realize that you’re gonna be just perfectly fine
i’d do anything for you, whatever you wish, whatever that’s on your mind, i always try to guess and do in advance
i always try to surprise you with little thing i can do
but why?
why is it sometimes hard for you to understand me?
to just comfort me when i am sad
i know that you want, it’s just you can’t, isn’t it?
i always hope that you would have called me when i am really in pain and say “it’s gonna be just fine.. im here with you”
i always bear in mind that maybe someday you’ll change
i sometimes hope that you take a step further and show how much you care about me, how much you love me
or even a phone call, just to say that you love me..
or just ask, “how are you and hows ur day?”
it would be just fine with me..
its really fine..
more than enough…
but i know it’s not you
it’s not what you usually do…
but still, sometimes i reach the point where i wish you were someone else
someone better than you..
but i dont want you to change
but i dont want if it wasnt you….
why loving you is so hard to do?
or is it just me who’s making it so hard?

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