Thursday, September 10, 2009

hal-hal tidak lumrah..
August 11, 2008 ·

pernah ga punya kesukaan sama hal2 yg dianggap orang laen ga penting dan biasa aja?
tapi buat kita keknya it’s sumthin special?
atau buat kita itu layak dinikmatin?
i do have!
banyak org bilang kadang gue aneh suka hal2 begituan..
tapi gimana dong, udah suka dari sananya! hahahahahahahaha…
well maybe turunan juga loh..
karena dr some of the list, are my mom’s fave too!
here are some of my fave-weird-things:
1. smell of leaves in the morning
2. smell of gasoline
3. smell of wet soil
4. smell of him (AHAHAHAHA.. incl bau keringetnya juga suka kok! ;P)
5. smell of aircon when we first turn it on
6. butterflies(they’re all amazing!! im a big fan of em! ahahaha..)
7. all white flowers
8. green tea(anything made of green tea, it tastes good!)
9. clouds with shapes
10. sound of waves
11. the beach itself
12. green colours
13. full moon
14. stars
15. night time(i have no idea why night time always give me certain moods)
16. the colour of the sky in the afternoon
17. fluffy stuffs surface(maybe that’s why i love rubbing my teddy bear’s tummy! hahahaha..)
18. when my hair being stroked(it makes me sleepy! :D)
19. hunting for 4 leaves clover!
20. sound of running water
apaa ada yg punya kesamaan juga seperti gue?

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