Monday, December 12, 2011

THINGS THAT life and you have to suck 'em up

1. People see you as strong and keep putting you down.
2. When a man says "I'd keep your heart safe" in the first place and he'll let you down someday and the easiest part for him is to move on when a woman is left behind, struggling alone, surviving on her own feet. (no offense though. I'm just saying).
3. When you have no idea what other people intends to do and in the end you'll get your instinct proven right but then it'll be too late to regret.
4. When you are not strong enough to do what you have to do, instead you let yourself do stupid things the opposite.
5. People put their noses in your own business as if they are care enough, in the end life is just a cycle of paparazzi, even if you are no celebrity, people always love to mock you and your life (not being sarcastic, once again I'm just saying).
6. People will always run their mouths. It's marathon, baby!
7. Gossip.
8. You work your ass off and in the end it's just for other people's benefit and you get none of the credit. Just sweat and if you get lucky "another task".
9. You work for (i shall say WRONG) people who don't always appreciate what you've done.
10. Your love life sucks, your life sucks, your job sucks, your friends suck, your EVERYTHING seems suck and you just have to go through everything alone. But then it's what we are. We are born alone, die alone. Live alone, right.
11. When you just say what you think and want, people think differently.
12. When you just say thing carelessly with no intention to offend people, but again, people think differently.
13. When you know something is just wrong with someone, you ask once, twice, several times and they keep saying "nothing is wrong with me" or "I'm fine" and in the end you're all to blame.
14. When you don't even have chance to defend yourself or even to speak your mind, the other person is keep yelling, shouting, pointing finger, pointing mistake, emphasizing flaw(s), and blaming.
15. When people say "I don't care" when you're explaining the reason why.
16. When you can't stop thinking about what others might feel when you do certain things.
17. When all of sudden someone enters your room, without knocking in the first place and meanwhile you just don't feel fine and they keep talking, asking, bothering. You might end up burst in anger and shoo them out (and regret it) or you just keep silent and they'll say things that somehow ridiculously misunderstanding without knowing your state (and you'll regret it too somehow).
18. You yell at someone and regret it.
19. You get angry but that person is making fun out of it.
20. When you say something you think so funny but the people are just like "okay...".
21. When you want to go somewhere so much but then due to natural reasons, you just have to cancel or postpone it. The excitement is gone.
22. You go somewhere beautiful and it rains like cats and dogs.
23. You go somewhere beautiful and the hotel room sucks.
24. You go somewhere beautiful with people who ruin your mood.
25. You go somewhere beautiful with people who ruin your mood and you have to pretend like nothing happens or people will just ask "what's wrong with you" or say "you really have a bad attitude".
26. When people know exactly what happens, know it has happened before but still ask "what's wrong with you?"
27. Someone hurt you and keep asking "tell me what's going on". You want to scream out loud but you just are too tired to explain.
28. Some people are stupid enough to laugh at things that hurt or bother you.
29. Itchy bed, itchy blanket, itchy everything when you struggle to sleep.
30. Ignorance.
31. People try to be sympathy but end up in misunderstanding what's going on and you are too tired to explain.
32. People who talk so much about things you don't want to hear when you're in a horrible mood.
33. The fact that you can't just say "I'm not in a good mood" and expect people to understand without feeling bad or making you feel bad, conscious or unconsciously.
34. The fact that you can't just fight with people, argue, solve it, get over it, and get along like usual.
35. The fact that saying sorry is just not enough.
36. The fact that you are so upset that you just don't want to listen to any reasons or explanations.
37. The fact that you have to go through tough times alone.
38. The fact that you just can win over your own self.
39. The fact that you know that you know about it yet you try so hard to make believe yourself that you don't know about it.
40. Love is blind.
41. When you have no intention to fall for someone in the first place but end up do.
42. When you have no intention to fall for someone in the first place but end up do but apparently that person belongs to someone else or they just don't love you in the first place.
43. When you can't forget someone you want to forget the most.
44. When you love someone so much that it hurts.
45. When you want to try and keep fighting for someone but that someone say "it's over".
46. When you have to be friends with someone you still love and pretend like nothing happened.
47. When you want someone so much but they just have no idea and do things the opposite no matter how obvious you lure them in.
48. People who think you're a pathetic, while you're just extremely sad and expressing yourself.
49. You can't move on.
50. Room is too hot, or too cold.
51. You are on holiday and you get sick.
52. Fight with someone you love.
53. You want to talk to someone you haven't talked in ages but you have no courage to start.
54. Get hungry in the middle of the night (I am while I am writing this and I just brushed my teeth).
55. Get hungry in the middle of the night and you can't sleep or you suddenly awake.
56. You want/need to cry but you just can't or you don't know why you should.
57. Suddenly wake up in an inconvenient hour (early in 3 or 4 am), you're just not sure whether to go back to bed or stay awake until morning. Sometimes you just don't feel sleepy until it's about time to really wake up and you don't have time to nap.
58. Forget something.
59. Expectation(s).
60. Missing someone who doesn't know anything about your feeling.
61. Someone browse through your personal journal.
62. People constantly ask about your decisions in life.
63. People constantly ask about your decisions in life and point out mistakes.
64. You're so sleepy when all of sudden you want to pee.
65. Rainy day, sleepy eyes, tired, but you have to stay awake.
66. You doubt yourself.
67. You doubt your decision.
68. You don't know what to do.
69. You are completely speechless when you really have to say something.
70. Awkward moments.
71. Being out of place.
72. Being abandoned.
73. Being left alone.
74. Being ignored.
75. Have to be in the same room with people you hate, don't like, or those who hate you.
76. Being jobless and mocked.
77. You crave for something so much and you can't get it.
78. You crave for something so much and when you get it, you just loose the crave.
79. You crave for something so much and you have to hold for it.
80. Being misunderstood.
81. Being alienated.
82. Home alone and you hear noises, voices.
83. Imagining things (bad stuffs).
84. Nightmare comes true.
85. You trust your feeling so much and it turns out wrong.
86. You ignore your feeling and it turns out right.
87. Do something wrong, do the opposite and still turns out wrong.
88. Not knowing what to do.
89. Frustration.
90. Loneliness.
91. Not having private space.
92. Being a joke.
93. Being a fool.
94. Being a black sheep.
95. Being a mean person.
96. Being a mean person when you just try to be true.
97. Being lied.
98. Being betrayed.
99. Tired to face anything.
100. Tired but just can't sleep.

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