Friday, December 23, 2011

conditional love issue.

So what is it the correct way to be in love or in loving someone?
I shall say there's no right or wrong in loving someone.

No, seriously.

*putting serious lame face*

No, I mean, each individual is totally a completely different from one another.
I mean what should we follow this or that rules in loving someone while we feel that it is not comfortable/convenient at all just for the sake of BEING RIGHT?

I mean it's obviously wrong when you love someone just for his/her money. HAHAHAHA.
And it's wrong when you're loving someone just to get things you want and not really IN LOVE with the person.

No it's not what I'm trying to defend here nor I'm trying to say.

What I want to say is that there is no boundary in loving someone.

For example:
I used to love someone so much til it hurts and there was nothing left than love.
(like what the priest said before, loving someone so much til it hurts then the pain won't be exist anymore whilst left only love love and love).
But then I got betrayed by this person, I mean, irresponsible person I shall say. HAHAHAHAHA.
So I decided to stop loving someone that way because it's just ain't fair for me (whoa what a selfish person).
But I don't care at all!
I want to be happy and to love and be loved at the same time and if it takes me to love someone in conditional situation, I'll do whatever it takes.

So as what my mom told me before, that we should not love someone 99%.
I do it my own way.

I know I love him and I know I care for him.
But I also know how to make him suffer to make me happy. (seems so sadistic isnt it? hahaha)

Well make him suffer in a good way as to make him aware that LOVE is just not enough to make someone happy to make me happy..

There are other things that support a relationship.
              etc. etc. etc.

No its not that simple.

It's not like what advertising tell you, not that reality shows tell you and obviously NOT WHAT YOU WERE TAUGHT IN YOUR CHILDHOOD.

No it doesnt work that way no no in this real world unless you are a dreamer and/or living in a fairy tale.

It's not like you're falling in love and that's it happily ever after.

I bet cinderella quarrels with her husband in her marriage life. HAHAHAHAHHA
No there's no such thing as happily ever after if you are consuming merely LOVE in your life.

It's either you are too naive, too stupid or too blind.

Call me mean but I don't believe such thing exists.
Not in this kind of cruel world.

You need many things to support a healthy and good relationship.
The love is there but it's not the only thing that will survive along several years of relationship.

Why am I writing this?
I begin to ponder myself. hahahahaha

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