Wednesday, December 7, 2011

random thoughts

i encountered this video while i was browsing through

to certain people who don't get the feeling of hurting/harming self or committing suicide might not understand the feeling of wanting to get a stronger/better self
it might sound silly or pathetic

but how many people around you, that act seemingly childish, seek for attention,
kalau bahasa gaulnya: LEBAY/GALAU?
many, right?

now let's analyse how many of those who have a horrible previous experiences?
bully, broken-home, personal disorder?
little do we know, most of the time we judge people from what they write, they tell, they do

i tweet a lot about my feeling
my drama
but how many of you know i tweet to make myself more relieved?
and how many of you judge me how unstable my emotion is?
how many of you think i'm such a drama queen?
when i write or tweet it, do i want your attention or reply or whatsoever?
sorry, but i don't need any
just like smokers, why do you need to smoke?
it's just because you have to
you are addicted
you are so get used to
it defines you
whatever it is, the way i express myself has nothing to do with me wanting to be seen as SOMETHING i am not.
since when social media, public space becomes so restricted?
you follow people then unfollow then there's likeness and unlikeness?
if you unfollow me, does it make us become stranger in life?
does it remove me or you from my contacts?
from our lives?
from our memories?
i sometimes think people can be so phony.
i follow only people i want to follow
regardless of how i like/unlike those people, i just keep in my mind
even so, why do i have to unfollow people i followed in the first place?
i don't know i just find it very funny
the funny thing again is restricted account in twitter
i don't know why would you make something so private when you are already in public space?
(fyi twitter is public, even you restrict your profile, don't ya think there's no such thing as moderator?)
yaaa i know so many stalkers, so many useless people, whatsoever
but then why bother using twitter then?
use blog instead
or stay in facebook
or just write a diary
and if you want to communicate with people, use bbm, whatsapp, sms, email, phonecall
so far, the less followers i have, less burden i have
i don't have to think about how troublesome i am in twitterland
how talkative i am
how drama i am
my twitter is my rule

but i just can't stop thinking how funny it is when someone you know, literary, unfollow you in twitter just because you don't like the timeline?
sorry but i burst into laughter, hyena laughter


i guess i should start jotting down my resolution for 2012 right? (:
i guess i'll do it in the next post :p

have a nice day, people <3
oh btw, do you know that dog can fart? :3

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