Wednesday, December 8, 2010

take and give.

according to what people old folks used to say,

we, as social human beings should have a balance between taking and giving in our society
meaning that,
we can't only just taking what people give us but we should be giving as well

therefore, there is a mutual relationship between us and others

hmm sounds easy?

but how's about the actual act?

uh-huh as if it's easy. it is never easy

knowing the fact that MOST PEOPLE in current society are unfortunates or perhaps are just aiming for all goodness and easiness in life
that they acknowledging the fact: taking someone's gift is what we should be thankful about


is it really like that?

but really, shouldn't we be thankful about what people give us?
yes. to certain extend i do agree

agree until one day my father told me,

being human, cannot just be thankful or be proud of what others give us.
we should be thankful for what WE ARE ABLE to give others.

meaning that, the proportion should be imbalanced, in a way that we should be giving more instead of taking

but why?

because........ (he continued)
when people give us something, indeed they do not expect something to be returned (well some do anyway) but what matter is that it is as if, when people give us something, we (unconsciously and it appears as if) OWE them something in return, whether it is actual "DEBT" or debt we should pay one day when our living bodies are not on this beloved earth no more....

quite scary, huh?

i do think so though..

i know that living in this society in current stake of like is quite tough
but there is no reason for someone, for us, to always looking forward to what people give us all the time

no matter how small something is, if it is what we earn so hard in this life, and we are willingly enough to GIVE, it is something precious in His eyes
i believe so.

since my father told me that,
i learn not to easily being given something by someone
as long as i can earn it by myself or i can afford it by myself even if i have to sweat and bleeding to get that, i'd get that by myself

He gave me a complete living body, 2 hands, 2 feet
why can't i try hard, work hard to earn the best i could and start giving other people goodness?
doesn't it feel good when we are able to give something to others who are in need, and they smile at us, their eyes are glowing with thankfulness
and we shall smile......
and be thankful as well for being His living proof and living hands to help others

instead of being lazy, complaining all the time about how tough life is (life is never easy!), and how incapable you are
and constantly waiting for others to give something
and hoping for the next gifts to be received

imagine how angry He is when He gave you so much, air to breathe, energy to work on something, but you just being lazy not wanting to do anything about your life

and btw my father hates those kind of people as well

another story my father had told me before is when people celebrate literary anything: wedding, birthday, baby shower, new house, etc.
even funeral i shall say

is the time when they ask for our prayers, blessings, that is why they give away such things as set meal, cakes, foods, party
those things they give/held are their ways to get our prayers for what they currently are celebrating
thus, it's kind of "burden" for us once we receive it

easiest example,
baby shower
usually people are giving a way a set meal in a box
or cakes for their relatives

anyways whatever is the give away
once we receive it, even consume it (or use it)
we carry the "burden" to pray for their happiness, goodness

i call it "burden" because indeed it is something WE HAVE TO DO in favor of their kindness
they never expect it from us but we, as people, as human being, should do that in the return of their hospitality
if not, what we eat/use would be a two sided blade
could be harming us

i am not telling/sharing this because i forbid people from taking what others give
it is not what i meant
what i really mean is that we should start a habit, whereby we should be thankful with what we have
and when we receive something from others (in a sense of regarding to certain celebration), we should, really should be praying for their happiness and goodness in their lives

isn't prayer something we can do/give freely?
why can't we do that if it's free and simple and no fuss?

thus, a good habit can start now

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