Thursday, December 30, 2010

profession. what is yours?

yesterday i went to local bank to create a new bank account (for the first time i came to this famous bank which i avoid since i don't enjoy long queue and such thing that is related to this particular bank)
so i filled in the application form (for sure)
and i handed it in to the customer service

for the job column i filled in the empty spot with "VISUAL ARTIST"
which is my true job i shall say
indeed it is my main job
ain't lie about it
and ain't wrong about it i assume

but then when she (the customer service) started to read trough the form
she asked me, all of sudden, what is your main job?
and i bluntly said "visual artist"
she asked where do i work and what i do
i said i make art and i work at home

she seemed so confused (frowned forehead and confused facial expression)

so she asked me whether i do any other "job"
and i told her i am currently in my internship with one of advertising company,
and she right away put a super long line on top of my "visual artist" column and replaced my job with common worker and she ticked the box

and i was pondering
actually pausing for couple of mins

i was intending to complaint
i mean is there anything wrong with doing what i actually do and earn money from it?

seriously people, what is the damn wrong with being a visual artist?

just because THE PROFESSION isn't there in the list of column it doesn't mean i can't write down what i do

okay so now i am doing the internship, which saved me from getting trouble i suppose?
but what if one day after i finish the internship and i'd like to apply another bank account?
will i get declined because of my profession?
even if i earn MILLIONS in a month? (amen)

i don't get it, really

if visual artist isn't a proper profession, so what did i do in the last 4 years struggling with my studies and aimed for the best in everything i do?

am i pissed off?
a bit

what makes a DESIGNER is more accepted than a VISUAL ARTIST when what the designer does is what is in the visual artist's blood and brain and heart?
makes me wanna ROFL all day!

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Fenty Fahminnansih said...

gak ada yang salah kok, tuh CS nggak gaul aja, hahahaa :D

happy new year, mel :D
aku sempet mention kamu di postinganku sebelum yang terakhir ini, hihihi