Friday, December 24, 2010

money? what money?

i am sure like 80% of the indonesian's population have tried (at least one time) starbucks or any kind of trendy coffee shop like that

if you ever tried, my question is:
do you buy the beverage because of:
A. you really like the beverage because of its flavor or certain goodness of it
B. you think/feel that by buying it you are cool enough to be equal with others who have tried it as well, you just simply want to fit in
C. you just want to satisfy your own ego, in a way that being cool is by trying something's cool as well
D. socialization requires you to do it

i believe 90% of people who have tried it answer B, C, or D

really, in my opinion starbucks' coffees and instant coffee we get in any supermarket taste the same
i, myself almost never buy the coffee from starbucks, i usually buy the blended or their mix coffee, not the pure one

not to mention the price is not that cheap for a tall size of coffee
which is super small

now, my other question is
do we really need that kind of lifestyle?
for me the answer is NO.
i don't go to starbucks or any cafe just to fit in the lifestyle of social life
i don't go to any coffee shop just to fit in with popular socialite
i don't buy expensive coffee only for pride or ego

but yet.. it doesn't mean we can't try it and we become a snail in its house, not knowing what's going on in the world

and still, if you can't afford it then don't push yourself too high/hard

i am kind of allergic to silly people whom always talking about money money money
maybe i am just allergic to money issue

we need money but we do not owned by money or controlled by it
we need money to fulfill our needs but don't be ruled by it

my head aches everytime people are boosting about money or wealth they don't even own
(what i mean is i know your parent is damn rich, but what have you been contributing in your own life? have you achieved something without using your parent's money or power?)

i know some people who are like that
it doesn't mean that i hate them or whatsoever
i do befriend with them but i just can't fit in

what's the use of being arrogant
being proud of something you don't own

you get your car from your parent
you get your gadgets from your parent
you get your clothes from your parent
you get your whole fake self from your parent
my question is, are you really happy with your life?


what is the point in doing that?
i don't get it, never get it.
do you want to get as many fans as possible?
impress people?
being worshiped by others?
being seen as damn rich person?
and so what's the point in that?

does it change your life to a better and happier life?
does it make your life longer?
does it give you any advantage?
does it give you TRUE FRIEND?

i don't give a damn to any of bullshit
a proof that you can own everything from your own hard works impress me
i will simply admire you, adore you

i just can't stand fake people
my head aches so bad
and i begin to yawn all the time listening to any of your ego and pride
and i am tired with those kind of people

am i jealous?
oh my are you kidding me?
jealous by that kind of bullshit just wasting my time
i am jealous with those successful person who start everything from zero
and become a hero
low profile, intelligent, smart, polite, and kind

i just don't get how some people see others as a bunch of low class of people who don't deserve a polite hello and a smile

yea whatever

you see me as nothing, so do i

ah.. i am tired...
and my head aches

it's Christmas Eve
tomorrow i will travel out of town
be back by monday (hopefully)
have a nice weekend, people (:

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