Monday, December 13, 2010

wish me luck (:

tomorrow i will be going for my first super formal job interview

usually i go to job interview super casual and like no burden on my shoulders
yet tomorrow, though it'll be like only semi part-time job, i feel like "oh my goodness, i must try hard and prove them fine arts graduate isn't merely FINE ARTS compared to design's"
damn what a great burden i carry over there

but hey
it is like nothing to lose
i should be more relax and be confident with myself

who cares if advertising people don't appreciate what i've got?
world doesn't revolve around them, right? (:

fine arts rule!
fine arts rock!

but anyway,
i am willing to learn
to absorb everything

so if i could get in the company,
i will face all challenge that will be given


oh btw i am making 2011 calendar that you can download once it's done! (:


dezkaa lafmity said...

goodluck darl.. :)

the ugly duckling said...

thank you sayang :*
your wish is my luck *hug