Tuesday, October 19, 2010

furball and heidi

I enjoy every second with you

For a week I learn so many lessons from two little puppies whom changed my life

I have a reason to wake up early in the morning just to make sure they're okay
I have reason to believe that I am loved and trusted by them and that's wonderful
I have learned that patient and commitment is trully important in a relationship
I have seen that God is good by trusting them to me though it's just for a while
I am glad that I am able to give and shower them so much love and warm hugs in the middle of the nights

I have experienced something so small can affect big things

I have learned that I have so much love to share
I know that a full week, full 24 hours every single day togetherness can build love that's as high as the sky, deeper than any ocean, and bigger than any mountain
And it's hurting to be apart
It's breaking my heart
But I hope they'll be fine
God will hold them in His arms until forever
God will keep them safe and sound with or without me
And God will surely keep eyes on them because I asked for it and God is never failing me once!
Thy will be done, dear God
Hold them, love them forever

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