Monday, October 18, 2010


i am planning to do this that lalala so many things
yeah, i'm not really a person who does things one by one
usually when i am so excited bout certain thing(s)
i tend to end up doing all things altogether at one shot
for example, i have been doing this "bread" project, then i also do the jewelry thingy, i also do planning for my bedroom (uh-huh i am definitely going to add things into it), and also i have been doing this design project for an event, and lastly i also do the dogs' treats project.
hahahahahhahaa wow i amazed by so many things i need to accomplish

thus there are couple things that popped up during conversation with my dad couple days back (WOW)

maybe i should really start to divide my brain to different small section to get things done one by one

regarding to the bedroom planning, i did browse couple things last night just before i went bed
found many interesting stuffs outta there

i found that i am interested in english style home decor, and kiddy style decor HAHAHAHA
maybe because i like the colors?
or the composition?
well anyway i like stuffs shown in country living my eyes were automatically zoomed in everytime i browse different section of decor styles in the site
and according to that reaction of mine last night,
i started to get contamination of designing thingy
i began to think, hmmm why don't i decorate my entire house instead? muahahaha
(okay that's terrible.. i am getting to fill my head with lotsa things to change, to add, to modify, to beautify..................blablablablablabla)


really need to get back to reality that i have so many stuffs to be done hahahahahahah
so i started to just write down ideas in my journal (am glad it feels like in school again haha)

while i was googling around here there
we don't have IKEA here
but no
they're barely enough!

i miss the existence of nice and good quality of bed sheets and blanket in modern and sophisticated design!

isn't it beautiful (and cheap!)
i miss that i can shop through the entire store, take my time there and hang around like i am in heaven
i miss that the items are damn cheap compared to what ace hardware and index have

while i was browsing through several interior design sites, i came across so many children's room decors.
i got these from housetohome country living and besthomegallery

what a pretty little things i envy!

therefore before i suffered more from envy, i moved to ADULT bedroom area hahaaha

they aren't so bad either eh..
i could manage to take some elements from the design idea and apply it to my own bedroom
without completely dying to make my room looks like those extremely beautiful designs
i can make my room beautiful in its (MINE) own way

can say that i am beginning to addict these house decors thingy!

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