Monday, November 15, 2010


so just now i watched an infotainment show on tv and it showed issue about barrack obama vs cinta laura vs puteri indonesia

what they discussed was about the ability of those people in speaking english-indonesian
so obama managed to spoke little indonesian in his speech when he was in UI last time
okay, that's great, he shows that he has the will to try, to learn, and btw indonesian is the easiest language to learn, personally i feel and think

so cinta laura was being interviewed, she said she's upset for being compared to what obama did
and she said that she can't speak indonesian fluently because she uses english 24/7 and she only uses indonesian only in interview and in soap opera filming.

and i immediately WTF at her statement

first of all, like i said indonesian is the easiest language to learn, every englishman who comes to indonesia and i personally know, they can learn it in only within weeks or at least in one month they can speak indonesian better than cinta laura.

secondly, cinta's mother is purely indonesian, so what makes it difficult for her (cinta) to learn indonesian, IF her mother has a BRAIN to teach her indonesian in daily conversation, OR at least be PROUD enough with her (cinta's mother) mother tongue language, which is INDONESIAN.
there is no reason for her not to teach cinta indonesian, EXCEPT, she, herself is ashamed with this country (if so why do you stay here, dummy? oh i get it, because it's easy to earn money here hooray! and fyi your REASON about your hubby placement here is completely bullshit)

moreover, simply put it like this, if obama, in a very short time is able to speak little bahasa, imagine what he can do if he stays over a year in indonesia? i bet he can speak indonesia much more fluent than cinta laura!!!

so what happened next was, puteri indonesia was being interviewed, she was mentioned to be similar to cinta laura in her difficulty speaking indonesian fluently, she said she also half-breed, his father is english, and 3 years back she has been lived in england until this year she came back to indonesia, and before that 3 years she spent her life in here, indonesia
and her reason for not being able to speak indonesian fluently couple months back is because while she was in england, there was no indonesian whom she could talk to, therefore her indonesian was quite taken aback for a while until she came back here and practice her indonesian again

and again all i can say is WTF
i stayed abroad longer than her, though i admit i have couple indonesian friends that i could talk with
but hey! my indonesian is quite awful now, like i keep forgetting couple vocabs while i am trying to communicate with other people here
but there is NO REASON
for someone, who stays abroad for a while or for quite some times and they say I CAN'T SPEAK INDONESIAN ANYMORE BECAUSE OF BLABLABLABLABLABLA....

it's your mother tongue!!!!!!!!!
even if you are hell fluent in any language, you CANNOT FORGET, CANNOT COMPLETELY UNABLE to speak your own mother language!
it's in your blood, brain, heart, body, soul!
it's you, it what defines YOU!

and if you are claiming "oh i can't, you know, because............."
i can only say, SHAME ON YOU!
it's just another bullshit REASON, to proof that you are as clear as windex, as clear as GLASS, that you are ashamed of your own country, where you were born, where your parent(s) were born
and it's just showing that you are brainless.
yup, brainless!

another example, anggun.
she moved to France for very long long long time, yet she is still able to use her indonesian

there is no excuse for not being able to do it
regardless if you have noone to speak to in your place or whatsoever

and cinta laura, PS: you are so brainless that your momma is mistaken for DORA THE EXPLORER for her hair is damn ugly

yes i definitely pissed off with those kind of people who speak mixed indonesian-english as if they want to look smart and sophisticated, sorry, you are just as brainless.
speak indonesian properly then be proud of it, then proof that you can also speak english properly, fluently, in good accent then i bow or even do standing applause for you

just please, people, don't try to mix indonesian-english in any interview, im sick of it

i even have teary eyes everytime i sing our national anthem now, why is so?
look at our country, look at the truth, how beautiful our country is?
if we, as indonesian, are not proud of it, then whom to count on?
ponder it!

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