Sunday, June 20, 2010

how thankful i am.


perhaps that's the only word that can describe what i really feel right now.

but wait.
no... not completely.....

human's feeling is so funny that i feel blessed and screwed up at the same time

so should i smile or................. be crabby about this issues?

well first of all good thing always comes first eh? haha..

so i feel blessed because this afternoon when i was kind of officially "sign off" from the choir
the group gave me this goodbye gift which was so unexpectable



so yea, i nearly cried when i was reading the written text on this crystal ball thingy, which is


okay it's not merely SWEET but it's also the best non-solid (can i say it non-solid? haha) precious gift and moment has ever given to me

i mean....
sometimes words are really the strongest sword, in this context, to penetrate someone's a good way
hahaha i shall say it's touchy and sentimental~
and i loved it!!!!!!!
i heart sweet words and sayings hahahaha
no, not the cheesy ones ever! :p

so yea...
i am really surrounded by wonderful and nice people!
i love you guys so much
God bless~


the other thing that happened today was
this particular person who was about to be the next tenant whom will replace me after i leave sg, called off
and yea, he postponed the payment of the deposit for 2 days
WITHOUT any confirmation

well people, seriously
if you want/not want something, tell the other party about your decision
DON'T WAIT for them to look for you and chase you around
cmon it's an adult life
youre no longer a kindergarten child who needs a guardian or at least someone to tell you what to do

and i bet one day in your life if you keep this nasty habit of yours, im sure one day you'll meet someone who is as nasty as you and he/she wont give a damn about any excuses and will crush you into several small pieces which im sure a bird wont be able to pick any of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

man im so pissed and upset bout this kind of person
so irresponsible

so sorry i dont give damn about your excuse
but at least let me know if youre cancelling
so i could find other people who really are interested in my place so i dont waste my time dealing with person like you

man............................... HORRIBLE!

seriously people..
learn some manners and etiquette!

coz if i can do it, why can't you??

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