Friday, November 13, 2009

angels in disguise.

hari ini ada cleaning up di space (as usual..)
i just realise that my stuffs were so massive. haha...

so i put everything in a box
but little did i know...........
box nya jebol bawahnya krn basah kena hujan...

my friend helped me carry my stuffs
and i had to drag myself to carry the heavy box with spoiled bottom part
and i struggled to keep it whole
until everything was spilled......

on my way to taxi stand, the box couldnt carry anything anymore..
to make things worse, when i was otw to taxi stand, the car passed by, inside the car, the indian man, staring at both of me n my friend, smiling, laughing, and his face looks mocking us..

while i was cleaning up the mess in the middle of corridor in that shopping centre..
people passed us by, staring at us..
curious of what we were doing (wasnt it obvious enough?!)

and when i was thinking, how people could be so ignorant..
is there anyone in this world, kind enough to just ask me, "do you need a hand?"
instead of just staring and staring like i am a monkey in a circus...

someone helped me by giving a new box..
i was so amazed..
God wasnt an ignorant and He never be an ignorant
one second i thought this day is the worst day ever..
and the next second i know..
some people are "sent" to brighten and enlighten my rough day.. (:

then i walked to the taxi stand..
while i was busy protecting my stuffs from raindrops
gue ga ngeh kalo orang depan gue (lagi antri taxi di taxi stand) uda maju..
sampe aunty2 belakang gue nanya dengan betenya "ni yao bu yao!?" (mau antri/gk intinya)
i was like.. what the................
jelas2 keliatan gue bawa barang gitu dan antri depan dia..
sabar kenapa sih?
kenapa cuma berdiri beberapa cm dr antrian org di depan gue...
kenapa harus kek gitu...
and i realised again...
people are just so selfish and mean..

then i got a cab..
and again.. another angel in disguise..
sopir taxinya baik banget..
bantuin gue masukin smua barang ke trunknya..
(supir taxi sini biasa ga peduli lu mau repot masukin barang kek apa kek..)
and moreover it was raining...
sampe tempat gue..
sopir taxinya lagi2 bantuin gue nurunin smua barang carefully..
dan sampe bantu rapihin juga..
i was more than touched by those people's kindness..

once again He never ignores me.. i always know..
and He always knows exactly how to brighten and enlighten my rough and heavy days with nice people i believe He sent to me.. (:

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